Outsourcing DME Billing: Top Benefits for Your Healthcare Practice

The durable medical equipment (DME) industry is constantly undergoing regulatory changes.
And billing for many items and services, each with its own requirements, can be time-
consuming and costly. Items or services expected to last five years or more are considered
durable medical equipment. Crutches, oxygen, canes, ostomy supplies, diabetic supplies, and
other similar healthcare-related services are also included in this category.

To succeed, billing for DME requires a professional and profound understanding of the
reimbursement and documentation rules for Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance
plans. Furthermore, that billing for durable medical equipment should keep meticulous records
to comply with an ever-changing set of laws that assures necessary and adequate care.
According to a recent survey, healthcare practitioners considering outsourcing their DME billing
are most concerned about revenue management and collections, DME billing errors and the
consequences of those errors, and ongoing biller training. Let’s see what all benefits you can
enjoy by outsourcing your DME billing:

Benefit #1: Accuracy and Transparency

DME billing errors are expensive and reduce your revenue. Outsourcing your DME billing
services can assist you in adhering to billing regulations and avoiding errors. Outsourcing
improves the process of accurate coding and the claiming process with the insurance
company. Outsourcing also provides access to analyzed data, allowing your healthcare
practice to gain valuable insights. Furthermore, DME outsourcing companies provide you with
access to resources, work, and activities to monitor progress. They adhere to your
organization’s privacy policies.

Benefit #2: Business Development

Outsourcing DME medical billing services and other critical roles free up your time to
concentrate on your core competencies. You receive the necessary assistance and resources
to help you manage your workflow more effectively. Reduced resource costs and an improved
insurance claim and denials process create numerous opportunities for your DME business to
grow. Outsourcing firms use cutting-edge technology to operate your medical practice
remotely while keeping DME business data secure.
Outsourcing DME billing is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity while
focusing on business growth. Another benefit is that it increases expertise and team size while
decreasing costs.

Benefit #3: Secure Patient Data

One of the most compelling reasons to outsource is the increased security it provides. In terms
of breached healthcare records, November 2022 was entirely wrong. 6.904.441 records were
either exposed or improperly disclosed.
DME medical billing companies prioritize cybersecurity. After all, healthcare providers’ trust
placed in them makes or breaks their business. A single data breach could tarnish their
reputation and end their career. Do your research before hiring a DME medical billing
company, and check their previous security record to ensure they are trustworthy.
A good DME billing service will manage cybersecurity and ensure the security of your patient’s

Benefit #4: Power-Up Internal Teams

DME billing outsourcing companies are known for providing high-quality services to their
strategic partners. Experienced resources assist your existing teams in completing tasks more
efficiently. Employees are less stressed when you supplement your staff with outsourced
experts, and internal teams have more time to focus on core activities. Your DME billing
outsourcing partner handles and automates routine tasks such as reimbursement, error
correction, patient management, claims to process, and other duties.

Benefit #5: Avoid Overbilling And Underbilling

If your practice consistently bills with the highest codes, you risk being flagged by your PPO or
Medicare. This can lead to DME billing audits and/or impose severe penalties. On the other
hand, if you bill too low, you may lose money.

So, how do you knock the perfect balance and bill at the appropriate level?
This is where a DME medical billing service can help! Typically, DME billing companies employ
a coding expert who can guide you on how to bill both high and low. They’ll get your billing
rates precisely where they need to be to optimize cash flow while avoiding an audit. This is one
of the most significant benefits of outsourcing DME medical billing.

Next Step – 24/7 Medical Billing Services!

The continued growth in demand for DME billing outsourcing services indicates that more
medical providers realize the benefits of outsourcing their DME billing processes rather than
keeping them in-house.
The positive ROI associated with partnering with a medical billing company, the reduction in
stress, and the gain of time as processes are transferred to experienced and reliable hands are
some of the driving factors that healthcare providers across the country find most appealing.

Are you ready to take the next step and outsource DME medical billing, or are you curious
about the advantages?

For over a decade, 24/7 Medical Billing Services has assisted practices of all sizes in improving
their DME billing processes nationwide. Our experts are well-versed in the best practices and
industry know-how for preventing revenue leakage, improving collections, and increasing
overall revenue. This gives you more time to concentrate on patient care and even work
towards your desired work-life balance.

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