Practices improve your Social Media Presence to attract more Patients

Are you a practice owner struggling to bring in new patients?

If yes, then having a strong social media strategy can really help.

Yes you read that right!

When used in the right manner, social media can work wonders for your medical practice. Channels like Twitter and Facebook can play a crucial role in helping you reach patients and grow your practice.

How social media channels help?

  • Online footprint

Social media helps in increasing the online footprint of a business. The more places your practice name will appear online, the larger its online footprint will be. Larger footprint means more chances of patients finding your practice online.

  • Rankings in search engines

Social media presence on different channels will give you a platform to share information related to your specialty and practice. This will help you boost rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.

Tips to use social media for your medical practice

  • It is important to choose only those social media sites that will work for you. For instance, if there are no chances of finding potential patients on Instagram, then there is no point in having your presence there. So think carefully about what sites will bring you more patients.
  • Ensure that you are sharing relevant, good quality content on those sites in a consistent manner. If the profiles are inactive for a long time, you won’t be attracting new patients. Since there is a lot of competition online, you need to make sure that the interest of your followers or page visitors doesn’t go down.
  • Engaging with new and existing page visitors and potential patients is very important if you are using social media channels to attract them. Engagement is key to social media success. For instance, a site like Facebook will surface engaged users more than non-engaged ones in searches.
  • Another tip to make the most of your social media presence is to encourage reviews. As per a research, 88% customers trust online reviews as much as they would trust personal recommendations from friends and family. Online reviews will also help in boosting your SEO.

In today’s day and age of digital media, it is very important for businesses, including medical practices to have an effective digital marketing strategy. And since social media is a core part of this strategy, you cannot afford to ignore its benefits in growing your practice.


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