Prominent Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Concern Rebranded

The trending news in the health care industry in US is rebranding of Accretive Health. To be precise Accretive Health is the most famous revenue cycle management concern or provider for leading health care providers in US. Head quartered in Chicago, Illinois this concern is happy to announce their rebranding. Their focus on the health care industry is not only revenue but really care for the patients. The indirectly care the patients as they assist the health care providers to care their patients for complete billing and claims.

The reason they focus of the revenue cycle management is to enable the organizations to make an impact through care. Usually revenue cycle management is not easy for the organizations especially health care providers. The health care provider who does not use revenue cycle management concern makes mistakes and they could not provide the care they intended to give. This becomes a struggle for the health care providers as they find it very difficult to manage revenue cycle management with other things that should be give first priority.

Accretive Health rebrands as R1 RCM is not just news about rebranding but they are marking their way towards quantum leap as they added another component with existing components. Accretive rebranded as R1 is leading revenue cycle management because their services expand widely to all the areas of health care providers especially in terms of billing and claims. The concern undertakes the important services for health care providers such as checking the eligibility of the patient, managing the claims and its process, payments collection and the assigning codes to the claims of the patients, monitoring and claims tracking and look into the claims that are denied.

Managing the revenue cycle process in critical for the health care provider office because it takes includes a lot or process. If they don’t manage it properly it would affect the patient. Some health care providers try doing revenue cycle management on own but their progress is poor. Communication results in poor, work flow results in improper and many other issues happen because of the inexperienced staff members they have.

If the revenue cycle management is taken care of Revenue Cycle Management companies, they would deal the complete process with trained people, they maintain steady workflow without lagging and also they take entire responsibility on their shoulders for best results. R1 is the one of the best and leading concern and also it can be called as leading RCM provider. They are experts in this field with wide range of experience handling RCM process for so many years.

The operation model of R1 includes Standardization, Visibility, Analytics, implementing technologies, process and expressing the talent through perfect results.  Their stand approach for RCM makes it a perfect solution for the health care provider. Their process is visible as they are result oriented rather than process oriented but still they use structured process to get better outcome. Health Care providers that hire R1 need not worry about RCM process because R1 assures quality results.

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