Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Dental Billing Services

Running a dental practice is as tiresome and interesting as any other medical practice. Every practice involves things more than just treating patients. Every dental practice needs to hire & manage front office staff, make sure timely billing, handle accounts receivables & payables, and so on. Dental billing is indeed time & labor intensive. Dental practice revenue is important to consider and for this, you need to make sure your dental billing and claim submission is flawless and timely. An approximate $125 billion worth of loss is suffered by all practices combined every year due to poor medical billing and coding. If you already know the importance of outsourcing dental medical billing and coding, you must know its cons too.

This article is meant to guide you with dental medical billing, its pros, and its cons.

Outsourcing your dental verification, medical billing, coding, claim related processes, and some administrative duties like accounts receivables, patient collections come with numerous benefits for your dental practice. Dental billing outsourcing services offer you practical solutions that not only benefit you but your staff and patients too. With an expert dental billing outsourcing company, you can forget about billing activities and you get to focus on your practice while everything is taken care of in the hands of experts. Focusing on your dental practice means spending more quality time with patients, building strong relationships, engaging in treatment planning, and most importantly, expanding your practice.

What can you outsource?         

Right from your front desk, insurance verifications, performing dental billing & coding, appointment scheduling, and many other processes – there are so many processes you can successfully outsource to a dental medical billing agency. It’s now a need of an hour to hire a medical dental billing, coding, and insurance company that can fulfill your requirements which will eventually reduce your workload.

Dental billing and coding

Dental billing, coding, and insurance processes are challenging and need utmost attention to detail, and so many dental practitioners and clinics prefer outsourcing these to reliable agencies. Error free claim submissions need special expertise and knowledge in dental insurance policies and regulations.

Dental billing services like patient enrollment, checking patient eligibility for treatments, submitting dental claims, and offering systematic follow ups, dental medical outsourcing companies can help you with:

  • Speeding up payment processes & reducing clutter
  • Reducing paperwork stress and billing errors while submitting clean claims
  • Saving money & time in training your staff while changing billing and coding updates
  • You get experts with managerial skills in place for accounts receivables
  • You get a professionally trained team for collecting payments
  • Improving cash flow of your dental practice and process smoothly
  • Improving percentage from the outstanding accounts receivables
  • Decrease or avoid payroll taxes and relevant problems due to late payments

But what are the pros and cons of outsourcing dental medical billing?

There has been a debate on whether medical billing is profitable or it has any other disadvantages? Let’s find out…

Pros of outsourcing dental medical billing

Cost effective

This is one of the best pros of outsourcing your dental medical billing. When the operational and customer support work of your dental practice is outsourced to a country like India, you will instantly experience the cost getting down.


Through outsourcing, certain standard processes, systems, and procedures can be created. As a result, the dental practice is aware of every little detail that will change after outsourcing.


Consistency is the key to the success of any business. With an expert dental billing outsourcing agency, the dental practitioners and clinics can see consistent growth in their business.

Easy to expand

When you decide to outsource your medical billing process, you get the benefit of expanding faster. Since the work is outsourced, the stress of infrastructure, training, and recruitment gets shifted to the outsourced company.

More focus on patient care

Dental care practitioners can spend more time with their patients and offer better service. This is possible only when dental clinics, hospitals, and practitioners can get relief from the daunting tasks of medical billing work.


As most of the dental medical billing companies have experience and expertise in their work, they can work accurately and more efficiently, getting your payments seamlessly.

Compliance with the standard medical practices

Most of the dental care billing companies will have experience in complying with standard medical practices.

Faster claims

As discussed many times, faster claims are necessary for the efficiency of your dental practice. With a medical billing agency, you get easier and faster claims.

Cons of outsourcing dental billing

Less control

Since you are outsourcing your dental billing to an outsourced company, there might be a chance of losing a portion of control over your business. Even though you will get reports from the company, they may not be equal to really managing it by yourself.

Variable cost

With outsourcing, you will expand your business. And eventually, you will face variable costs which may grow from time to time.

Hidden fees

Some companies might cost you more due to habits of making more money. They might try to increase their profits by adding many kinds of hidden fees. We recommend you clearly discuss the costs of the services before you sign any agreement with the company.

Are you willing to outsource your dental care billing? Here are some questions you need to ask the company before you get into an agreement.

  • What is the measure you are using to ensure error-free claims?
  • Will you assign a dedicated team or manager for us?
  • What’s your pricing model?
  • What dental software is using to verify performance?
  • How much experience do you have in dental medical billing?
  • What makes you different from your competitors?

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