Radiology Billing: 6 Common Mistakes that Affect Reimbursement

Radiology billing is really a cumbersome process to handle; there are lots of mistakes about to happen in radiology billing. Some of the common mistakes happening in radiology billing can lead to serious downfall of the medical industry. When mistakes happen there are chances for the revenue of the medical industry to get serious defects. So, people must see to some of the common mistakes which are happening in radiology billing and try to avoid them for getting good revenue levels for medical industry.

Improper CPT code

This may cause a tricky problem, when the CPT code is interchanged or misplaced then the billing amount gets a different calculation. For instance, the knee radiology has got various sections in it. When people are getting confusion for sections can result in complete shattering of the bills. People who are in the billing counter must look and verify for proper CPT codes people they are starting their billing details.

Omitting certain details

Concerning the radiology billing, each and everything is so important because even timings for radiology given on person also mark in the billing statement. When the medical staff forgets or ignores to calculate the timings and procedure of treatment then billing staff gets the chances of getting errors while billing. So every single statement is so important to process the billing.

Distinguishing is important

The treatments for all parts must be specified, if the parts are unspecified then there are chances to get mistakes in billing. The each and every part must be separately sorted out for calculating the right bills. If radiology services are given for right abdomen, the case study has got no reports about which side of the abdomen the radiology was performed then comes the error in billing. So distinguishing plays a vital role in calculating the bills.


Improper software

When non-efficient software is installed in your medical industry then there are chances to get mistakes. The software must calculate all the necessary codes and diagnoses in perfect manner. Any technical issues regarding the software must be solved to avoid any of the simple mistakes happening while billing.

Perfect staff

The staff or the workforce which is performing the billing must be dedicated and have good concentration in bills. When they are not fit for entering the right details then there are chances for the organization to get ruined up and go down in economy. The work force must be trained to tackle such kinds of errors and must have dedication towards billing.

Old versions of codes

If your medical industry is lagging behind by not implementing the ICD-10th version, then you have the highest possibilities of getting errors. The recent version has got most of the updation in it. But the old version has got no updation or divisions in it. Using the right software can help your medical industry to increase the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in proper manner. Priority plays the vital role in billing statements which has got the ability to make right revenue cycle.

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