Save More with 24/7 Medical Billing Services in 2021

Most healthcare practices know well that medical billing services is one of the most time-consuming, tedious, and on-demand tasks. It is still confusion among healthcare practices whether to outsource the medical billing function or to hire an in-house biller and coder to have streamlined operations at their practice.

It does not matter whether you outsource your medical billing process or not, but it is the costliest process that may require huge investment in improving your revenue. We would like to showcase the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing services and how you can save more money upfront with those benefits.

Many healthcare providers mistakenly presume that outsourcing their medical billing can cost more and may not be affordable. The fact is outsourcing improves your revenue 30% more than what you are achieving now at your practice. Wondering how it is possible? Here are the factors that influence your billing process and impact your revenue positively.

What benefits 24/7 Medical Billing Services can Offer You through Outsourcing?

Expert staff and cost-saving

It is not an easy task to find people with high expertise in medical billing and coding. But having sound knowledge of medical billing and especially coding is necessary to keep your medical billing process in place. It may put you into a vulnerable situation if you find your staffs are either incompetent or lack of knowledge to perform the work. Moreover, due to lack of understanding or high work pressure, there are chances of many staffs quitting their job, leaving your medical billing and company in an uncertain situation.

If you outsource with us, you need not look for staffs anymore, since we have highly skilled certified billers and coders, and all of them are properly trained and experienced working across several client projects. Therefore, you can happily relax and turn your complete focus towards patient care.


Though our outsourcing solutions benefit you extensively, our dedicated and experienced billers and coders will be dealing with your account. If it is in-house billing, you will have to worry whether your data is being secure and your claims are assigned with proper codes and sent to the payer on time.

With the experience gained by our billers and coders over years, we ensure that none of your claims are held back and codes are perfectly checked and sent after an intensive internal audit, making sure there are no denials. This saves your time by avoiding claims rejections for simple reasons and getting you on-time reimbursements, thereby saving more time. You can utilize the time for any other activity in your medical practice and improve your brand image explicitly.

Higher revenue generation

With sending error-free claims, we bring down the rejection/denial rates of your claims and bring consistent revenue to your practice with timely reimbursements. We enable regular follow-up with your insurer and keep our knowledge base on coding and billing always updated, to make sure there is no delay from our end. This gives you a regular cash inflow to your practice, making it even steadier.


We are RCM experts and one of the best medical billing companies in the USA with more than a decade experience handling several medical billing projects. We can help you reduce up to 50% in your operations cost and increase up to 10 to 20% revenue within no time.

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