Security for Your Patients’ Electronic Records

The electronic health record is the present trend setting technology which is inculcated in many of the medical industries. Do you think the electronic storage of data is secured? The answer for your question is positive. Even we are transacting money in online, don’t you think that is safe. Yes we believe everything is safe when it comes to banking solutions. The protégo maxima spell safeguards the boundaries likewise the medical industry has got an effective force of HIPAA to safeguard electronic storage of data.

HIPAA guides

HIPAA is abbreviated as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The act helps people to check whether their electronic record is safe or unsafe. The HIPAA guidelines suggest medical industries to strictly follow it without any explanations. The patient can cross verify the electronic storage of data which is stored in online. Apart from that there are many points which are benefits points for patients of medical industry. Some of the points are mentioned below.

  • The patients can see their medical record
  • A copy can be provided about the record if patients are willing
  • To request for changes in case of mistakes
  • A notice can be got about your health information
  • Information can be provided how and where to contact health care provider
  • Even patients can file a complaint if rules are violated.

These are some of the important points which the medical industries have to follow on considering the HIPAA guide lines.

Technical safeguards

It is very essential for a medical industry to set up a complete technical environment to proceed with precautions. The technical issues like safeguarding tools must not be hacked. The electronic health record of your medical industry must have such kind of security. A medical industry must take a look at

Access controls

The access control levels must be perfectly managed. Only the higher authorized persons should be given the passwords to look into patient’s health records. Just some higher officials must be given the authorization to change or edit the health record that too based on the request provided by the patient.


All the information which is stored in an electronic health record must be encrypted without any further issues. The encryption is the only way for patient’s record to get stored safely. It is very intelligent resource which is helping to keep the patients data with more secrecy.


An audit must be necessary to check whether the data is getting stored properly. Both internal as well as external audits are encouraged inside medical industry to check the data of patient’s electronic storage.
These are the vital points which a medical industry must keep in their minds and act accordingly towards the act. With proper support from technical people it is quite meek to enter or save the records of patient without any errors. Even billing can be stored electronically when you are having a good billing team for your support. Make your work more hassle free by outsourcing the electronic health records to best billing services in the country.

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