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24/7 Medical Billing Services has come up with a huge savings offer for many healthcare service providers on the eve of ThanksGiving Day. This offer surprises and covers medical practices, individual medical practitioners, DME suppliers and service providers, telehealth centres, pathologists, and more, those who are trying to resume their business from the COVID-19 downfall.

If you register with the company before 30th of November 2020, you get a flat 20% discount on your first three invoices. As an extended benefit, the company has come forward to provide services like credentialing, AR audits, and coding reviews, at no cost, which is highly a good one and non-deniable too. Since medical billing outsourcing itself is a boon to the healthcare service providers, this offer of 24/7 Medical Billing Services seems to be promising.

The CEO of the company Mr.Hariharasudan Neelarathinam says that “the offer is purely to motivate and support small and mid-size healthcare companies that are low in revenue and financially unstable as well. The flat 20% amount they save will definitely help them to spend on any enhancements of their operations”.

To give a gist of the company, 24/7 Medical Billing Services is one of the leading medical billing service providers in the USA with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, having successful record in medical billing outsourcing. The company highlights the following factors as their strengths and the reasons behind their success as well:

  • Highly skilled and vast expertise in medical and DME billing
  • Simple and hassle-free on-boarding process for new clients
  • Excellent management of rejected and pending claims, and ageing accounts receivables
  • Seamless and transparent communication at every step of medical billing process
  • Dedicated, experienced, and certified billing and coding team for your DME facility with high-end supervision from every aspect of your claim
  • Instant and real-time response to your queries and clarifications

Since 24/7 Medical Billing Services runs this offer exclusively on the eve of ThanksGiving Day, many healthcare providers have started registering their company name for availing all the discounted and free benefits offered by the company, within this ThanksGiving month.

Hoping this offer will be an astonishing and accepting deal to many small and mid-level healthcare companies. To avail this offer, you can reach the company through +1-888-052-0537 or drop a mail to

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