Tips to Reduce Denials for Your Chiropractic Practice

As a Chiropractor, you must concentrate broadly on modern advancements in your domain and techniques of improving patient care. But like most chiropractors, if you are also a clinic owner or private medical practitioner, much of your time must also be committed to your practice’s financial performance. Chiropractic billing can be complicated if the specialists are not doing it. Well-trained staff must perform chiropractic billing services, having precise information about the billing system, and document the diagnoses and proper practice management.

According to the latest industry report, few insurance collections are missed by chiropractic practices due to claim denials and filing delays.

If you are admiring the resolution to deal with those challenges, then here are some steps that you can follow to overcome denials for your Chiropractic Practice:

  • It is essential to use accurate coding: Most chiropractic claims are denied due to inaccurate code allocation for services rendered. Your medical billing system must revise coding changes in the plan regularly to avoid the assignment of wrong codes to claims.

  • Prior-authorizations: Many insurance providers may offer total compensation or settle expenses if preauthorization is provided before health services are rendered. It would be best if you ensure that your staff is familiar with the concept of acquiring preauthorization at the time of the patient’s walk-in.

  • Human verification and processing: Billing usually requires person verification, or insurance processing may also trigger approval disruptions. When addressing the insurer, it’s essential to be respectful, as being nice to the human decision-makers will often lead to a re-evaluation of the claim.

  • Improper payment: Sometimes denials happen because the cost is incorrect. If you are billing for the wrong expense, the insurance company may refuse the fee or hold it all together. To limit this from recurring, you may need to evaluate your medical billing process or enlist experts to check your claims and process them.

  • Inadequate documentation determining the denial or pending claim: Minor errors in documents or not producing sufficient documents would also prompt repayment delays and even rejections. Before filing claims with insurers or counterparties, one must investigate each record and use standardized forms.

What to do:

Since a notable percentage of claims may be denied ultimately, it is a great practice to periodically spend a minute or two on each claim before sending it for approval rather than probably spending 20 minutes or more resolving and rectifying your denial management services. Chiropractic can also help you reduce the amount of denied or delayed claims by taking out the guesswork. Your clinic can’t be financially prosperous unless it delivers a claim denial ratio of less than 3% to 4%.

24/7 Medical Billing Services is one of the medical billing service providers that can take care of all the steps required for effective chiropractic billing and claim settlement. Choose us as your billing partner, you can focus on the quality offered by you as a chiropractor and leave the financial hassles to be catered to and resolved by us.

Our verified professionals make your billing experience hassle-free and convenient. We help reduce your workload so that you don’t have to spend time on complicated paperwork. We will submit your claims on time to make continual cash flow and an assured increase in revenue and take care of your denial management services. We ensure that you receive the best out of our services and utilize your time on patients and their concerns. For additional information about how to reduce denials for your Chiropractic Practice and boost revenue through Chiropractic Medical Billing, contact us now!

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