Top 3 Medical Billing Companies Reviews

Imagine you run a small clinic with complementary specialties. You’re just getting started, so you’ve recently invested heavily in your business hardware and software, medical equipment, offices, furniture, marketing, medical staff, and the practice. 

You’re excited to start seeing more patients and building your practice. 

However, you are observing an income shortfall, despite an increase in the number of patients.


It may be that a few of your beloved patients are not paying their bills on time. Or maybe payments from Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance companies are slow to arrive due to errors in coding or filling out billing forms.

It’s nothing new in this! Reimbursements in the healthcare industry have been declining while HIPAA-compliant paperwork has been increasing.

You might be thinking how small or medium-sized medical practices like yours can remain profitable when operating costs are so high, and most fees are essentially capped by what various insurance providers will reimburse?

What’s the solution to this? 


So are you now looking to outsource your medical billing and coding services?

But simultaneously, are you confused regarding which medical billing company near me will be best for your practice? Or, where should you look to know and make a decision about choosing the best medical billing company??

Here are the top 3 sites from where you can review the top medical billing companies:

Everything you Need to Know About Top Medical Billing Companies!


Facebook reviews — formally known as Facebook Recommendations — on local business Pages can help you to know the true colors of different medical billing companies. In fact, Facebook accounts for 19% of all customer reviews. 

  • On the list of review sites that healthcare providers visit before approaching a medical billing company in the US, this social media platform ranks fourth. 
  • In the previous year, 18.3% of US adults made a decision based on Facebook reviews. 
  • A local business Page is visited by two out of every three Facebook users at least once a week. 
  • This social network is the most commonplace for 55% of providers to learn about medical billing companies. Meanwhile, 66% are in favor of sharing their thoughts, experiences, and opinions about their decisions on Facebook.

If you’re also wondering how to check reviews, simply go to the Facebook Page of the medical billing company and click the Recommendations or Reviews tab, which is located under their profile picture.

G2 assists businesses and practices in identifying, understanding, and selecting the best company (including medical billing and coding companies) they require to reach their full potential. is a motivated community of real users who share their real reviews in real-time. 

  • G2’s Market Presence score is based on 15 metrics derived from user reviews, publicly available data, and third-party sources.
  • G2 is the most trusted and largest marketplace, assisting 60 million people each year in making better decisions based on genuine peer reviews.
  • It just takes two business days to address the review concerns on this platform.

New insights based on authentic reviews encourage others to make informed decisions, allowing businesses to outsource the company in the same way as consumers do on sites like Amazon.

Google Reviews

Google reviews provide valuable information about a company’s operations and the actual experiences of healthcare providers who had a real interaction with that company. To be honest, Google reviews are most important because healthcare providers discover local businesses on Google, making Google the most important review platform. 

  • 92% of the providers go in for a local medical billing company if it has at least 4-star ratings.
  • Providers are most likely to spend 31% more on a company that has “excellent” reviews. 
  • 90% of the practices and businesses in the US read online google reviews before outsourcing a company. 

Google is known for bringing the best results that are usually a combination of a local business’s proximity to your location and its Google ratings. In fact, that rating is actually based on the reviews users leave on Google Maps for a specific location.

Checklist while Outsourcing Medical Billing & Coding Services

Once you’re done with the shortlisting of medical billing and coding companies for outsourcing, the next step is to choose the best one out of it. Use this checklist to assist your healthcare practice in selecting the best outsourcing medical billing and coding services.

Questions to Ask Outsourcing Medical Billing Companies

  • How soon will they be able to start processing claims?
  • What kinds of medical billing and coding services do they offer?
  • What kind of training does their staff get?
  • Who will be in charge of the current Accounts Receivable (A/R)?
  • Will there be monthly financial reports?

Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Practice

  • What should medical billing and coding services be kept in-house?
  • How much assistance do you require?
  • What are your objectives?
  • What impact will this have on your patients?
  • What are your concerns regarding liability?

So what are you waiting for? 

Initiate the process of outsourcing the best medical billing and coding company in the US before it’s too late for your practice in terms of loss of revenues. 

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