Top 5 EHRs Used by Chiropractors

Just like any other healthcare practice, chiropractors are shifting their medical billing systems from paper to digital forms. Since chiropractic medical billing and coding has become a complex process, they are in need of systems that can meet requirements and qualify for the federal incentive money to get a subsidy on the purchase of their EHR. If you are a chiropractor and looking for a proven list of chiropractor software, this guide covers the most important features and considerations you need to take while selecting a chiropractic EHR.

First, you need to understand the basic features of the EHR for your chiropractic practice

Charting Templates

Specialty-specific templates are why EHRs differentiate themselves for specialists and primary care physicians. Most chiropractic software comes equipped with templates that fit the specialty’s process. These EHRs are not the only options available but may not be the limited options for every practice.

Quality Reports

To comply with quality standards, it’s imperative to choose a platform that can incorporate surveys for measuring pain and function in patients. Many of these surveys are mostly industry and scientific standards. But the information they collect must be gathered and reported as part of the quality standards for chiropractors. An ideal EHR must translate the data from forms present on the patient portal – or in the office and incorporate it into a patients’ records.


These pre-existing systems at chiropractic facilities need to be modified with the new EHRs. The new EHR you are selecting should be ready to integrate with the current system you have. Clinical information can be pulled out from the imaging systems and utilize it for billing and practice management systems.

Extra tips

If you are looking for an intact EHR for your chiropractic practice, here are some additional features you can consider:

Voice Recognition

  • Voice Recognition
  • Meaningful Dashboard
  • Certification
  • Cloud or On-Premise
  • Patient Portals
3 major points to consider while choosing the best chiropractic EHR software

With this article, you are getting the top 5 EHR software to choose from. But, here are 3 points you need to consider while choosing the chiropractic software in 2021 and beyond:

  • Cost: How much will it cost you?
  • Data Storage: Is the EHR server-based or cloud based?
  • Connections: Is the EHR software able to integrate?
Let’s dive deep into the list of top 5 chiropractic EHR software available in 2021

In this competition filled world, choosing hyper-active technology that is both capable and dependable is an important thing to consider as a good investment for your practice. For this reason, we used a simple method to consider the top 5 EHRs below to make the decision easier for your practice.

Please note that prices mentioned in this article are not updated and you may need to get in touch with our team if you want any specific software for your practice.

1. Platinum – Price around $64.95/mo to $284.95/mo excluding installation, training fees, and transfer fees.

Platinum prides itself “the #1 EHR for chiropractors” and focuses its “easy note-taking system.” Platinum has many packages to offer you that suit your needs and every package is very affordable and lets you create customized, compliant documentation for your practice!

Similar to ChiroTouch, Platinum is primarily available as a server-based system, which has its hidden costs (e.g. dedicated server, firewall protection), but Platinum provides a cloud-based option for customers looking for flexibility. Also, Platinum integrates with Review Wave effortlessly, and their customers mention the system as “easy-to-use” with “accurate and friendly” customer support.

2. Genesis – Price around $99 per month + Licence.

Genesis is considered the leader in cloud-based chiropractic software since 2004. Genesis website mentions that their EHR software is an “all-in-one practice management software.” With multiple packages, it comes with extra licensing fees, but it starts with $99/month and the cloud-based option helps remove hidden fees (e.g. firewall protection. dedicated server, database configuration/maintenance).

If you need a cloud-based EHR software “owned and operated by a chiropractor, for chiropractors,” then Genesis is an ideal choice for your practice. Plus, Genesis is capable of integration with Review Wave as a SUPER bonus. Genesis users mention positive things. The main disadvantage is “too many features.” But, we think it cannot be a major issue with you.

3. DrChrono – Priced around $250/MO/Provider + No Setup Fees + 12-MO Commitment.

DrChrono is an ideal EHR for small single provider practices as well as large practices with various specialty customizations. DrChrono tagline says “Optimize Practice Productivity & Increase Revenue with EHR that Fits Your Practice.” Starting at just $250/month/provider, if you have 3+ providers, you can afford it well. Just ask! Regardless of the plan you choose, there are no setup fees with DrChrono and an annual contract is billed monthly. There are some extra fees for exceeding your plan for using such features as Paper Claims/Statements.

4. ECLIPSE® – Priced around $1,995 and Above.

ECLIPSE® is a registered product of MPN Software Systems. ECLIPSE is a server-based software for chiropractors, currently with more than 37,000 users. From single practice owners to multidisciplinary and multi-location practices, ECLIPSE® is a chiropractic EHR software that suits you. The price scales are based on your needs as well. Pricing starts at $1,995 and costs you beyond based on billing needs, a number of doctors, users, and more, customized it to your requirements. Considering the reviews, users seem to love their billing features and post about their customer service as “exceptional”.

5. Herfert – Costs you $2499/One-Time + Possible Setup Fees

Herfert Chiropractic Software can “do it all”. You can rely on Herfert for patient management and electronic billing. Considering your preferences, you can buy their server-based option for a one-time purchase or pay a more affordable monthly fee for their cloud-based option. The advantage of using Herfert Cloud is full technical support, automated updates, and nightly backups.

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