Top 5 Medical Billing Service Providers

Are you entangled between billing your patient and giving him the best healthcare service? If so, then you should search for the Medical Billing Service Provider, that knows how to use the decoders and modifiers and can do all the administrative and financial work for you. So, you can focus more on providing the best healthcare services to your society.

Medical Billing Service Provider
Medical Billing Service Provider

For all the practitioners and healthcare providers, here are some of the top medical billing service providers you can ever find.

  • 24/7 Medical Billing Services – A HIPAA certified multi-specialty expertise in medical billing service providers. From ensuring a high level of data security to transparency in procedure and charges. 24/7 Medical Billing Services offer services that smoothly and efficiently runs the office operation from patient appointments to account receivable follow-ups. As per its customers feedback, around 50% operation cost is deflated and 15% revenue is inflated. It has the best coders and modifiers and is also most suitable for insurance credentialing.
  • AdvancedMD – Software that unites the business and clinical aspect of the company. It enables three different aspects of the work i.e. health records, patient management and practice management to be maintained in order automatically. They have the best EHR software’s to let you have access to all its patients’ healthcare information. AdvancedMD software runs on the MAC and Windows Operating System in Desktop and iOS and Android Mobile Phone.
  • CureMD – It is an all-in-one solution for the healthcare providers. In usage of the cloud technology, it integrates and disperse the information among multiple platforms. CureMD streamline the business operation in line with the ensured industry standard and practices. In a highly competitive scenario today, it makes sure to be ahead in terms of revenue and services with its flexible approach.
  • Kareo – A web-based medical billing service provider across the United States. More suitable for small establishments in scheduling patients to make payments to customized records. It has an additional built-in messaging feature to let you reach billers, patients and your employees whenever you want. It is an ICD-10 Medical Compliant Solution software that is used in Chiropractic, Pediatrics and many more medical specialties.
  • NueMD – It offers cloud-based software’s for all medical practitioners. Apart from the practice management to the electronic health recording, it also consists of additional features that made it to the top 5 medical billing service providers. Credit-card processing and one-click away paper claim. You can also opt for a monthly subscription to start with.

Now you have the best medical billing service providers in front of you to choose from. Choose wisely, otherwise your bottom line will get affected.

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