Top Issues in Pediatric Billing

Special codes for pediatric billing

                This is one of the most common issues which are being faced by all pediatrics doctors and physicians. After the introduction of ICD-10 lots of codes has been introduced for vaccines by HIPAA, the most important thing for pediatric billing is there are lots of newborns and vaccination is very important for them. This kind of vaccination can be approved by medical insurance companies only if the proper ICD-10 codes are used.


                We 24/7 medical billing services are updated with the latest ICD-10 codes   and we know the respective codes for each and every vaccine. So you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Complications with ICD-10

                This is a major issue with many of the services providers, as well as medical billers and coders. At a particular point of time things need to be updated and medical coders need to be updated on the latest ICD-10 codes. The new ICD-10 codes are more on the logical side and hence it needs more patience by the medical coders to perform the tasks.


                24/7 medical services are experts in pediatric billing so you don’t have to worry about this coding issue. We provide utmost care and knowledge to your medical bills.

EMR/EHR issues with pediatrics

                The electronic medical record or the electronic health record is available in almost all the hospitals in the world. These kinds of medical record are not present in case the child is a newborn. The medical insurance companies take this as a advantage and they bill it to the adults account that is newborns father/mother account. Which makes the billing more costly, and goes into pending as account receivables  This becomes an issue for the parents.


                The parents should take more responsibility on creating a EMR/EHR for the newborn babies so that the parents will not face this kind of issue.

Patient not covered

                The newborn babies are taken from hospital to home and then new insurance policies are being taken for the new born babies, with a fact that the insurance coverage covers all kinds of issues for the baby. But unfortunately when the child becomes an adult it does not help the patient, as new disease keeps on coming for the patient which the obviously does not cover the particular Insurance.


                We need to take utmost care when we are joining an insurance plan for the child and new born babies.

Billing errors

                These kinds of billing errors are possible when a medical claim is submitted for a new born baby.

  1. Wrong codes
  2. Wrong details

Wrong codes

It is possible that the medical coders could file a claim with the wrong codes, for example a medical biller will enter the code for anesthesia instead of diarrhea which obviously makes problem to the doctor as well as the patient. So we have to be very care full in hiring a medical coder.

Wrong details

                The medical billing company enters the wrong name in the claim form or a name with spelling mistakes, which affects the doctors and the claim form is being rejected by the insurance company.


                The above problems can be avoided by our experienced medical billers and coders.

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