Top Medical Billing Companies in the US

A report published by InstaMed highlighted that 70% of customers are confused by medical bills, with 93% of customers being surprised by a medical. Furthermore, 77% of healthcare providers in the US claimed that it takes over a month to collect any payment. Healthcare providers have a considerable concern regarding EHR technologies placed in systems. Collecting medical claims is indeed a complicated process. To make the lives of healthcare providers and businesses easier, top medical billing and coding companies are becoming more efficient than ever! Hence, it is logical for healthcare systems to identify the right medical billing company as your partner, simplifying managing revenue.

We have made a list of top medical billing companies in the US which are best for you.

They offer affordable services, adheres to HIPPA compliance with 24/7 availability around the clock. In addition, focus on data security and quality services for practices to streamline their operations and financial workflows. 

  • Kareo

Kareo is the only cloud-based clinical and business management platform that aims to provide integrated healthcare solutions specifically to independent practices. The platform hosts multiple tools, including electronic health records (EHR), practice management, marketing, patient engagement, and medical billing software.

  • AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD offers cloud medical office software to ambulatory healthcare services. They have developed their services that are affordable and scalable to independent practices as well as large practices. The company offers comprehensive solutions ranging from practice management, EHR, patient relationship management, medical billing services, analytics, reporting, physician-performance benchmarking, and personal telemedicine.

  • CareCloud

CareCloud allows large or individual practices to outsource medical billing services. In addition, the company provides healthcare IT solutions, including fully integrated electronic health records, revenue cycle management, practice management, and other services include business intelligence, telehealth, and patient experience management.

  • DrChrono

DrChrono was the first EHR to build a native app for the iPad and iPhone, the only official Apple Mobility Partner for healthcare. The company offers medical billing services alongside web and cloud-based apps for individual and large practices. In addition, the platform hosts multiple services like EHR, practice management software and provides fully integrated revenue cycle management.

  • CureMD

CureMD offers all-in-one solutions including EHR, practice management, and medical billing  to specialty practice. The platform supports 34 private practice specialties and provides end-to-end revenue cycle management services.

  • ChartLogic

ChartLogic is one of the oldest revenue cycle management software. The company offers certified coders support for practices that need medical billing services. The solution caters to primary and surgical care and other areas of medical care. The complete ambulatory EHR suite includes electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle management, patient portal, e-prescribing, and more.

  • AthenaCollector

AthenaCollector is a part of AthenaHealth Systems, which offers many healthcare IT technologies to the hospital systems. The healthcare suite is specifically designed for hospital systems that outsource medical billing services to third-party providers. AthenaCollector provides the accessibility of an automated billing service while maintaining in-house control, making it the best solution for hospital systems.

  • Waystar

Waystar provides high-level reporting, end-to-end billing solutions and integrates all major practice management software, making it an ideal choice for large practices. The company’s platform combines all types of healthcare payments for commercial to government healthcare systems. Additionally, it’s a cloud-based platform that integrates health information systems and practice management systems so practices can maintain in-house EHR software with medical coders.


 Some medical billing companies in US can give you a wide range of advantages. Still, when it comes to extended customer support with perfection in providing medical billing services and several other points that other companies cannot afford to give at an end, no one can reach close to 24/7 Medical Billing Services. To get in touch with the company, give a call at +1-888-502-0537.

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