Important Ways to reduce Medical Billing Costs

Hello everyone, we are in a very advanced medical era where everything has gone into automation and so is medical billing. Nowadays medical billing is being done by the medical billing department of hospitals. In a hurry they provide very poor accuracy in their bills. If the medical billing codes turn out to be wrong you are gone. Let’s take look into ways to reduce medical billing.

Meet the medical billing team of hospital

            If you are one among a dozen of patients in the hospital and if you are not able to pay your bills on the whole you can go visit the hospital’s medical billing department and explain them your current financial situation and ask them to pay in the form of installments.

            According to experts if you are not ready to pay the bill in one settlement you can pay them in installments, the one who does not pay the bills go on to  get collection agents. Then it will become a major problem for you.

Your medical insurance plan

            You have to choose a awesome insurance plan so that you get everything covered by your medical insurance plan. Your medical insurance plan should be in such a way that it covers every process, procedure, mechanism, tests, scan is covered so that you can pay 30% of your bill and remaining 70% cold be paid by your insurance company.

Go for a medical billing pro

            The first and most primary thing you have to concentrate on is to visit a medical billing expert along with your medical bill. There is an association known to be as medical billing advocates of America who are capable of reducing your medical bill by upto 30%. They do this as a professional service for you. They might charge you by 5 to 10% but you will get a reduction in your bill.

Check the bill thoroughly

            This is also a very important step for you to follow. If you are going to pay it with the help of an insurance company they will have ICD-10 and some other codes which they claim for. So we have to check the codes and weather they have mentioned the right code for the treatment given to them.

Ask About Going Outpatient

            Many surgeries can be done to us by just being an outpatient at any one of the hospital the doctor visits. This will reduce your medical bills by  30 – 40%. You have to approach the doctor in person and ask him if he do this surgery to a patient by just being an outpatient in any one of his visiting hospitals.

Duplicate billing

            This is the part where you have to be very careful. In this part the hospital will bill you on the procedure repetition. If it is not a good hospital then obviously you will get a count that is appropriately higher than the correct count. For example you may get the count as 30 instead of it will affect your bill in a considerable manner. Be alert. Please don’t lose your money on invalid bills.

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