How this DME Supplier increased the revenue by 50%…

Unequaled flexibility amalgamated with overall capability in delivering significant solutions in DME billing services, 24/7 Medical Billing Services is a one-stop destination providing tactical support at the best pricing norms in the industry.

With a dedicated engagement model, we offer DME billing services on an independent platform and with trusted experts to empower with our integrated approach. Our team has capability across all leading practices in this competitive scenario.

For years, so many DME suppliers have been relying on us with their medical billing outsourcing. Here’s a sneak peek into one of the best projects we have handled. Read on to this case study and learn more about how DME provider in California increased their revenue by 50% in DME supply.

Client Profile

Our client from California is a global leader in specialty home medical equipment with a sales pipeline that serves thousands of medical practitioners and patients. Their product range includes: High-end medical devices that require insurance benefits verification, pre-authorization for the submission of complicated medical claims, specialty medical devices with a high volume of claims. The client has service centers onshore and offshore that jointly with patients, clinicians, and client sales force to ensure easy delivery of services.

The Challenge

To achieve growth with profitability, the client wanted to improve cash flows and optimize its revenue cycle. The client selected 24/7 Medical Billing Services after a rigorous evaluation process. The important factors for selecting 24/7 Medical Billing Services were: domain expertise and experience in the healthcare sector; excellent analytical capabilities; and commitment to excellence. The processes outsourced to 24/7 Medical Billing Services were:

  • Healthcare billing and collections from insurance providers and patients
  • Sales order processing and support

The Solution

  • Risk-based rewards and penalties to align the 24/7 Medical Billing Services team with client outcomes
  • A continuous bridge between teams and functions
  • Integration of our systems into client’s existing systems and develop new tools
  • Augmentation of capacity to handle various areas of business that provided an opportunity for incremental collections
  • Excellent analytics to allow teams to prioritize claims with a greater chance of being paid.
  • Creating comprehensive review systems to set up better coordination and focus between teams.
  • Solutions for monitoring and improving process quality and capabilities
  • Implementing governance-based solutions to handle the client’s internal stakeholder support and communication, along with oversight of plan execution.

Extended Support

24/7 Medical Billing Services extended the client’s business by transforming its revenue cycle operations, therefore increasing collections, accelerating cash flow, and improving customers service at reasonable costs.

Benefits Delivered by 24/7 Medical Billing Services

  • Increased Collections
  • 24/7 Medical Billing Services committed to a particular collections increase
  • 24/7 Medical Billing Services set an analytics-driven collections strategy
  • Process re-engineering, technology enhancement, and changed work plans helped increase collections by 25%
  • Overall revenue increased by around 50%
  • Improved Velocity and Visibility
  • We improved the order-to-bill process and developed solutions with improved collection velocity using various tools and IT enhancements
  • Overall accounts receivable days reduced by 15 percent
  • Our dashboard solutions created significant visibility into detailed lead indicators and drivers. The client also improved management controls and decision-making.
  • Reduced Costs
  • We increased the client’s staffing by 25 percent, yet the total operations cost was reduced by 25 percent.
  • Key Resources Retained
  • The client retained a high percentage of the client’s staff management, after outsourcing relationships with 24/7 Medical Billing Services.

About 24/7 Medical Billing Services

24/7 Medical Billing Services has built a strong reputation among the healthcare sector by offering medical billing and coding solutions, that help overcome the day-to-day challenges persisted in medical practices and healthcare organizations. We help our clients to ease their DME billing processes by aligning dedicated professionals who manage our clients’ DME billing proposing extraordinary solutions for achieving multiplied financial success.

Our DME Billing Services

Our DME billers and coders have tremendous experience as well as expertise in managing your DME claims effectively. We deeply know the industry and set you up for success right from level 1 of the revenue cycle process. Our DME billing services include:

  • Eligibility Verification & Prior Authorization 
  • Patient Demographics Entry
  • Order Entry
  • HCPCS Level II Coding & Code Modifiers
  • Claims Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable & Denial Management
  • Credit Balance Resolution.

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