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Chiropractic Billing Services

Poor medical billing practices continue to be the top reason why chiropractors are losing a lot of revenue. Due to billing negligence such as under-billing of patients and scams like over-coding and canned diagnosis, many chiropractic offices are losing billions in revenue every year.

Are your chiropractic claims also failing to meet Medicare documentation requirements? Are coding and billing errors resulting in denials and revenue loss? If the answer is yes, then it is time for a change in your billing department.

At 24/7 Medical Billing Services, we understand your concerns and hence, we can offer you customized solutions for your revenue cycle. We can either be your full-time chiropractic billing partner or be a part of your billing service with specific outsourced solutions.

Chiropractic Billing Services

We are serious about getting you paid!

As your billing partner, we will offer you comprehensive chiropractic billing and collections services. Our team will start with evaluation of your practice and A/R before moving forward with other tasks. With computer systems and software designed specifically for chiropractors, our team of expert coders and billers are well-trained and equipped to handle your claims and A/R.

We take pride in our competent and dedicated team of experts who will work hard to get maximum payout on billing claims for your practice. We have medical billing professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience in processing chiropractic claims in compliance with stringent regulations.

What to expect from 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

  • Boost in collections and income
  • Full practice management and financial reporting
  • Reduced stress and improved payment
  • Easy, 24/7 accessibility to patient data and financial information
  • Revenue cycle transparency

Highlights of our services!

  • No hidden charges
  • AAPC certified coders
  • Assigned dedicated Project Manager
  • Regular QA checks and reporting
  • Daily claims processing
  • Daily follow-up plan
  • Daily posting of charges and payments
  • Top-notch A/R and denial management

It is very important to have billers and coders who are well-versed with Medicare requirements for chiropractic care. Our team at 24/7MBS is well-trained and equipped for filing and tracking all your chiropractic treatment claims from Medicare, commercial as well as personal injury insurance companies. They also make sure that your documentation requirements are being met. If you partner with us, we will not only maximize your reimbursement with our services but will also offer assistance in identifying loopholes that are stopping you from growing your practice.

So wait no more. Call us today!

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