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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing Services

DME billing is a complicated process that can become a huge challenge if you don’t have experienced billers and coders. From patient validation and obtaining prior authorisations to using correct forms for claims submission and compliance to HIPAA, there are several complexities involved in obtaining payments.

DME Billing Services


Another major difficulty that lies in obtaining DME reimbursement is that they don’t form a complete
treatment episode. They are just a part of the treatment and their necessity also depends on the physician’s recommendation. So in order to get paid, not only the necessity has to be established but additional paperwork is also required.

How 24/7 MBS simplifies the complexities and gets you paid?

We have a team of experienced coders and billers who have in-depth knowledge of DME documentation requirements. They also adhere to quality and stay abreast of all changes happening in the industry.
Our team will offer you assistance with the complete set of reimbursement administrative activities. From
identification of the instances that are eligible for reimbursement to preparing the claims and submitting
them on time, they will handle everything for you.If needed, our team at 24/7 MBS will also offer you
assistance in developing a physiological description of the disease, injury, impairment and other details of a client, demonstrating the impairments and abilities for using the equipment.

What to expect from us?

Whether you run an established medical practice or you are an independent physician without an in-house billing team, we will offer you customised services as per the needs of your set up.

You can rely on us for preparing your claims with the accurate codes and submitting as well as following them up with the insurance authorities to get you paid on time.We will also help you sail through long-drawn procedures, complex software and procedural intricacies that lead to denials.

When you partner with us, it will be our responsibility to streamline your billing process. Starting from conducting a thorough study of your practice, we will identify loopholes in the billing procedure and replace them with efficient processes.

As one of the leading providers of DME billing services,we have helped physicians, nursing homes and hospitals across the US improve their revenue. We take pride in our coders and billers who are experienced enough for assessing and addressing reasons that lead to claims rejections. They are also experts at resubmitting claims and ensuring timely reimbursement by Medicare and Medicaid.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to boost your DME revenue by 20% and improve collections, then call us today!

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