ICD-10 Training

ICD-10 Training

Stay abreast with the latest mandates of the healthcare regulatory authorities & successfully deal with the transition to the latest coding standards of ICD-10. Your revenue generation largely depends on coding. Coding is an extension to immaculate billing documentation process. It is more than just knowing the appropriate code & the updates. It is about accuracy & ensuring the deserved remuneration from the insurance companies.

Make the most of the extension of ICD-10 implementation deadline – October 01, 2015. Don’t let it affect your RCM; help your medical practice staff be more efficient with 24/7 Medical Billing Services expert training. We provide six hours of specialty wise sessions to the physicians & medical assistants.

  1. Experienced & certified professionals to impart customized training
  2. Compliance with the regulatory standards
  3. Use of up-to-date technology for coding
  4. Helps in assigning appropriate CPT and ICD-10 codes
  5. Enables the staff to address emergency / immediate billing
  6. Saves time on resubmissions or lessen chances of denials
  7. Boosts the practice performance in terms of efficiency
  8. Digital training with a personal touch
  9. Learn remotely as per your convenience
  10. Flexible payment option & guaranteed satisfaction
Claims processed at one go has the maximum chances to get reimbursed.

Deftly Avoid these Pitfalls

Change is a path to improvement & progress; accepting it & tapping its full potential is the secret to success. The learning process is time taking but once ingrained into the daily practice, it can give you the cutting edge.

  • Avoid unpreparedness this time; get 24/7 MBS to assess your practice readiness
  • Lack of damage control; plan in advance for the financial impact of the transition
  • The topmost reason for billing errors (due to lack of experience / training) is inaccurate coding
  • Incomplete or inadequately filled CMS-1500 forms result in rejections
  • Reduce accounts receivable (AR) days by timely filing (within 24 – 72 hours)
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