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Insurance Credentialing Services

The insurance credentialing process helps to establish a good rapport between the providers and payers. It is also considered as a one-to-one approach for avoiding payment delays from the payers if handled in an effective way. 24/7 Medical Billing Services provides meticulous and ongoing insurance credentialing services to doctors, hospitals & group practices. We verify and update the insurance companies with the providers’ credentials from time to time. So, if you are running a multi-specialty clinic or a hospital, rely on us for immediate insurance credentialing services.

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    Provider Enrollment / Insurance Credentialing Services

    24/7 MBS provides ongoing Credentialing services to all doctors, hospitals & group practices (including new ones). We check the contract and verify their credentials from time to time. This process ensures a good rapport & helps to deal with payment delays from the Payers in an effective way.

    Your medical practice is incomplete without a license & a medium to get paid by the Payers.

    For that, it is imperative to have a meticulous credentialing process done. Also known as Provider Enrollment / Insurance Credentialing, the result of a proper credentialing process is recognition by the insurance companies that certifies your authenticity, specialty expertise, cross check with the medical school you have graduated from, claims of having completed internships successfully, your medical license, etc. only after a thorough registration & verification process.

    Encourage Smooth Cash Inflow

    Credentialing is also like a partnership / affiliation or willingness to participate in providing care in association with specific insurance providers. This makes the Payers have confidence on you & also favor you above those who aren’t registered with them. Your patients too are more likely to come to you given the reimbursement benefits the credentialing brings along.

    • Data Collection – Our credentialing services ensure you don’t lag behind in collecting patient data & utilize it in many ways to improve your practice management & revenue strategies.
    • Patient Quality Reporting System (PQRS) – Save your practice from negative reporting penalties & smoothly conform to all the compliance standards & regulations for the government’s reporting system & get attractive incentives along with getting paid accurately and more importantly, on time.
    • Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) – Collaborate with the popular & most recognized non-profit insurers & have the privilege of streamlining your revenue cycle.
    • Trail through Transition – With amendments in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the recent years are going to be a major period of overhauling health care facilities to maximum number of citizens. Make the transition hiccup-free with us.

    Requirements of Credentialing

          Your in-house staff may not get time to meticulously update & follow up with the insurers due to shortage of time / manpower. Here we come in the picture and take over from you offering end to end assistance to complete the entire process successfully.

    24/7 Medical Billing Services is available to offer assistance on all working days for any amount of queries or taking updates on the call. Save your valuable time & resource and direct them to other important in-house tasks instead of these:

    • Time consuming ongoing process that needs follow-up
    • Constant updating of new licensing information
    • Issuing / procuring & submitting supportive documents to Payers
    • Conforming with the contract requirements

    Stay updated & abreast to stay at the top of your industry.