Outsourced Urgent Care Billing Services

      Running a financially well-to-do healthcare facility is difficult when there is a lack of strong support from the major funding body, the federal government. Unfortunately, urgent care can be profitable only if there are investors willing to support the service, according to a survey conducted by the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAA).

Urgent care, an ambulatory medical specialty is a part of ambulatory services that involves care provision outside a medical facility like hospitals or clinics. Not-so-serious kind of health conditions that nevertheless require immediate attention like seizures, breathlessness, fractures, sprains, burns, diarrhea, etc. Given this nature of operation it becomes important to bill the services carefully for getting appropriate reimbursement from payers, i.e. the insurance companies.

So, do you bill your urgent care services under Primary care or separately using ā€˜Sā€™ codes? Many practices, in an attempt to get paid by federal payers use CPT and ICD codes under primary care services (POS). 24/7 Medical Billing Services ensures its services fill the loopholes in your revenue cycle management (RCM) tactfully while providing 99% accuracy in coding and filing claims with private as well as federal / state insurance companies.

Our CPC-certified coders observe the following strictly:

  1. Avoid downcoding so that you get paid for every little service
  2. File timely claims to keep your AR days as low as possible
  3. Generate analytical reports of RCM every month (customized)
  4. 24/7 personalized customer service (assigned project manager)

Common Problem Areas in Urgent Care:

      Statistics published by the UCAA speaks volumes about the necessity of urgent care clinics. Almost 85% of these clinics are operational on all the days of a week and every day providers in US see around three million patients. However, the difficulty urgent care providers face is the lack of reimbursement through government health policies, the Medicare and Medicaid. Hence, the providers have to be more focused on submitting claims to private insurance companies.

24/7 Medical Billing Services plays the crucial role here with expert billing cycle that is designed and customized according to the trends and State requirements. So, be it the most commonly reported issue of urgent care billing ā€“ non-recognition of services by payers or keeping a tab on the healthcare reforms, we guarantee at least 20% increase in revenue in a matter of three months.