24/7 Medical Billing Services takes a stride towards mutual success as it signs a contract with a prominent DME store in Ohio

24/7 Medical Billing Services takes a stride towards mutual success as it signs a contract with a prominent DME store in Ohio

Wednesday, January 19, 2022


24/7 Medical Billing Services has been instrumental in the growth of many DME store in the Ohio area. As recent times have hit the Medical Equipment suppliers hard, mostly because of the lack of foundational trust, 24/7 Medical Billing Services Company has taken a successful stride by signing a contract with a prominent DME store in the Ohio region.

Even though the prominence DME suppliers enjoy is high, their reimbursement margins are low. It is a fact that has been clear for most DMEs across Ohio. It proves that meagre reimbursement levels aren’t enough to sustain their business. Furthermore, the high costs of Durable Medical Equipment’s have not left enough room for financial growth. But that’s not the only reason it happens, for the blame also lays upon the constantly modifying regulatory compliances.

“The financial well-being of any business hinges on the communication of accurate billing data. As margin shrinks and the dynamic regulatory compliances from HIPAA start posing a myriad of challenges for DME, the only way to survive is to adapt, strategize, and keep track of the claims submitted and revenue generated. – Hariharasudan, Founder & CEO of 24/7 Medical Billing Services states.

How will the 24/7 Medical Billing Services strategic alliances with the DME supplier pave the way to success?

Increased complexity of regulatory requirements of the DME industry, coupled with the economy that’s acting akin to a rocking boat under a sea storm – has pushed most DME providers in survival mode. The only way to salvage this situation is to get the assistance of reliable medical billers and coders. And that’s where 24/7 Medical Billing Services steps in. By leveraging the most efficient team of billers and coders backed by the latest technologies in the medical billing industry, the Company pushes the DME suppliers towards success – ensuring that all billing reimbursements are fulfilled.

Our expert medical billing services excel in DME documentation, allowing us to go an extra mile to provide error-free billing services.

But how does all that play role in the strategic alliance between the DME supplier and 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

 The answer lies in the retention factor. The strategic alliance will allow the store to circumvent all the complications and get solutions right from the very start. 24/7 Medical Billing Services will implement the applicable solutions only after analysing all financial aspects of the store. It will:

  1. Save time during the billing process and 
  2. Shorten the DME claim turnaround times – a service suited to tackle rejected claims early on.

With the most time-consuming parts of the process reduced by 50%, both parties are looking at ample success.

Why did the DME store decide to put their trust in 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

“The loss of revenue last year was unfathomable. To salvage the situation, we started to look for a professional medical billing outsourcing company that can help us” – mentioned, Official Spokesperson of the DME Store in Ohio.

The financial performance of the store last year was nothing to write home about. The quagmire of the pandemic coupled with a lack of timely reimbursement made the store owners suffer financially. To deal with that situation, they sought the only logical solution – associating with a reliable medical billing company that can facilitate them with revenue cycle management services. 

And their obvious choice came in the form of a 24/7 Medical Billing Services.

 When asked for the reason behind this choice, the DME store owners cited two points:

  1. Proximity to the store: The store’s location made it a first choice for the DMEs. Being a local store, the 24/7 Medical Billing Services is always available to fulfil the requirement. The added advantage of convenience made choosing 24/7 Medical Billing Services was a no-brainer. 
  2. Experience of the professionals: “We didn’t just choose the store because it was nearby, it offers reliable services as well” – said the DME store owner. 24/7 Medical Billing Services has years of experience in the field of providing medical billing services. This experience supplements the evolving talent of the professionals who are always willing and ready to deliver their timely services. 

We are looking at a fruitful future ahead with 24/7 Medical Billing Services” – stated the Owner of the DME Store.

About 24/7 Medical Billing Services

24/7 Medical Billing Services is a medical billing company that provides round the clock medical billing services to physicians, hospitals, group practices medical institutions. With the aid of quick and affordable services this company provides, the clients can earn more revenue by maintaining their financial well-being. The company 24/7 Medical Billing Services are backed by 10+ years of experience, the latest technologies and reliable professionals.


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