Medical Coding Audits & Reviews Are the Game Changers to Medical Billing Companies – Why?

24/7 Medical Billing Services strongly believes that frequent medical coding audits and reviews can bring a drastic change in medical claims submissions and reimbursements. Being a large scale enterprise, the company has an expert team that handles medical coding audits and coding reviews individually, ensuring consistent revenue to clients.

Thanksgiving offer in healthcare by 247 Medical Billing Services

In such aspects, this company is offering free AR audits and coding reviews to medical billing companies whose claims are rejected due to incorrect coding. Therefore after deepened analyses, 24/7 Medical Billing Services team showcases the importance of medical coding audits and reviews, which can be the game changers of improving your billing company’s revenue.

The company says conducting frequent coding audits can be a hassle and time consuming for a medical billing company that does not have properly trained staff to commence it. Yet, doing so can bring the company a plethora of benefits and avoid them from incurring the following coding and billing errors:

  • Attaching the right codes to various diagnoses
  • Improperly documenting the medical records
  • Mismatching the codes between one and the other
  • Billing each sub-service of a multiple component as a single service
  • Additionally manipulating billing by adding unnecessary items and services
  • Submitting unreasonable claims for DME supplies
  • Misleading codes for better financial increments

Then why should you perform medical coding audits-

  • Audits reveal mistakes about inappropriate coding if any, insufficient documentation, or loss in revenue.
  • Audit will be a proactive step to realise and correct problematic areas before medical billing companies submit the claims to their insurers.
  • If your company experiences issues of under coding, overuse of coding, bad unbundling, etc., these audits can help you bill properly according to documentations.
  • It keeps your team updated with recent codes or changes in obsolete codes.
  • It ensures the readiness of ICD-10-CM and electronic health records.
  • Performing frequent audits identifies reimbursement deficiencies and suggests ideas for proper reimbursements.
  • Finally, audits help in protecting your company against fraudulent claims and billing activities.

Now you know what 24/7 Medical Billing Services says about the benefits of frequent medical coding audits and reviews, it is the right time to know what they offer medical billing companies on the ThanksGiving month.

If you are a small or mid-size medical billing company and overwhelmed with high claim rejections, 24/7 Medical Billing Services is offering free AR audits to your medical billing and coding process to make your job easy. This free offer results in improved revenue management and generation, thereby allowing you focus on every nuke and corner of medical coding and billing.

The company has limited this offer up to 30th of November 2020 since it is being provided as token of appreciation on ThankGiving. If you think your company needs help, contact 24/7 Medical Billing Services at +1-888-502-0537.

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