Medical Billing Services in Arizona (AZ)

Medical Billing Services in Arizona (AZ)

24/7 Medical Billing Services have reached the main cities of Arizona like Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Glendale and Tucson for providing the best Medical Billing Services in Arizona (AZ). We have the record of reducing 50% operational cost and increasing around 10% of revenue with our proficient services by the experts.

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Our team of experts use the latest coding for the billing. Our coders are certified by CPC, COC, CIC, CPC-P, CPM, CPMA, CPCO and CPC-H. We are fully updated with the standard coding regulations and work under the rules and regulations. It reduces the chances of denying the claim in first submission.

We also provide the insurance credentialing services to our clients to get more visibility. Thus, it increases the revenue of the organization. We work for medical service providers of all sizes like hospitals, doctors and clinics. Provider Enrollment procedure is handled by our team. You don’t need to get stressed. It increases your revenue when you get enrolled, it increases your visibility among the patients. With this facility we ensure smooth cash flow in the organization, which gets hindered due to minor errors.

We have a team of Quality review that does quality inspection of all the jobs performed by the staff and professionals. Our auditors are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders. We have the facility to analyze each and every document in an electronic way. We also have the team of auditing that gives the report in every meeting. So that no question is raised in the management and operation of our work. If there is any doubt or query regarding the Medical Billing Services in Arizona (AZ), then our team is always available to answer all our clients.

Specialties that we offer in Arizona are Hospital, Urgent Care, Radiology, Family Practice, DME, mental health, neurology, anesthesia, oncology, podiatry, teleradiology, wound care, pain management, gastroenterology, dermatology, cardiologist, physical therapy, rheumatology, skilled nursing facility, sleep disorder, allergy and immunology etc.

There are more chances of getting paid if the claim is successfully submitted in the first attempt. We 24/7 Medical Billing Services try our best to avoid any mistake and if face any error, our team is very specialized in solving the problem. So, if you are looking for the one-stop solution of all your problems in medical billing and coding, then you should once visit the 24/7Medical Billing Services to know more. We guarantee you that the client satisfaction is our utmost priority.