What to Expect From The Offer?

From less than 5% on denials and 98% clean claims submission to daily claims status reporting and timely collections, there are several ways in which this offer will benefit chiropractors get their revenue cycle management back on track.

Philip Morgan also added – “As Medicare investigators and contractors have increased the scrutiny of chiropractic practices across the US, submission of clean claims has become vital if providers want to avoid denials or scrutiny. To meet this requirement and to help chiropractors grow, this 1-month free trial offer by 24/7 Medical Billing Services will prove to be beneficial. It will not only help providers boost revenue by 30% but also reduce their operational costs by 50%.”

A dedicated Medical billers and coders team will be assigned to the practice for a month that will be taking care of revenue generation for rendered services. The team will not only handle timely payments but also assist in identifying revenue cycle issues and how to tackle them.

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