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Credentialing is an important process that many healthcare companies may find it challenging to accomplish, since it establishes a strong bond between you-the healthcare company and your payer. Though you enable perfect planning, credentialing is a high time-consuming process and requires an expert intervention to handle it smoothly and quickly. 

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The CEO of 24/7 Medical Billing Services, Mr. Hariharasudan says that credentialing brings a plethora of benefits to medical practices and extends the scope of improving their business with more inflow of patients. Along with improved trust of patients on selected healthcare providers, medical credentialing prevents healthcare organizations and hospitals from experiencing losses. Moreover, it reduces the risk of medical errors and improves the business of practitioners extensively. 

To support the healthcare companies that went on loss during this pandemic, 24/7 Medical Billing Services is offering a flat 20% discount on the first 3 invoices, and as an additional benefit, these companies get credentialing services, AR audits, and coding reviews for no cost. 

This offer ends on 30th November, 2020 i.e. within this Thanks Giving month, and therefore, many medical practices, solo practitioners, DME medical billing companies, telehealth centers, etc. have registered with 24/7 Medical Billing Services for availing outsourcing services cost-effectively. 

Moreover, Mr. Hariharasudan says that the 20% discount can be a huge upfront savings to health practices and helps in investing in enhancing operations or the facility as well. Also, he adds to the point that 24/7 Medical Billing Services is a leading and experienced medical billing company that has been handling medical billing and coding processes effectively of many happy clients. 

The company has credentialing experts who get your company in association with a wide range of insurance providers. Along with credentialing, the company well manages data collection, patient quality reporting system (PQRS), collaborate with Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), and easily trails through transition.

Now that you know how versatile the company’s experience in handling credentialing services, do not miss this opportunity because you will get more benefits at a discounted price. 

Register your company with 24/7 Medical Billing Services on or before this Thanks Giving month and enjoy the extreme benefits along with ensuring consistency in revenue.

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