How to Choose a Medical Billing Company for Podiatry Practice?

There are thousands of medical billing companies across the world to serve different types of medical billing practices concerning their medical billing and coding. But not every company can handle medical billing of all specialties like podiatry, since it involves different procedural codes which can complicate if not managed by an experienced medical billing company. Through this blog, we will make you understand how to choose a medical billing company for your podiatry practice.

#1: Your billing company should be podiatry specialized

Most medical practices choose to outsource their medical billing process to a medical billing company that serves multiple specialties. By providing a wide range of services, these medical billing companies survive their existing competition. But at the same time, you should also notice that some of these companies give you cookie-cutter billing solutions, showing that they are well capable of providing generalized medical services and may attract you to outsource your podiatry billing too. 

Therefore, while choosing an outsourcing company for your podiatry practice, you should look at the company’s experience in handling podiatry medical billing and its track record of serving clients and in improving their revenue cycle.

#2: Your billing company should provide excellent customer service

Patient relationships are greatly important for the growth of your business and to retain your clientele on a long-term basis. This is quite difficult to perform and maintain because insurance benefits worry patients a lot and if not cared for and conveyed properly before beginning the treatment, it may go worse to any extent. Since verification of benefits is crucial to make all patients understand pretty well, your podiatry billing company should excel in handling all kinds of patients’ billing grievances, billing disputes, claim rejections and should explain to patients about which and where it went right or wrong. 

Moreover, your podiatry medical billing company should have extended customer service skills in managing patients of all ages and any queries. So when you choose a billing company, make sure that it has a proven track record of delivering excellent customer service, and then take a call.

#3: Your billing company should be transparent in explaining to you what’s happening around

The podiatry billing company you choose can take hold of entire processes and activities happening with your podiatry practice but not without letting you know what’s happening around you. The company should provide you an end-to-end report of your podiatry billing and keep you in the loop; therefore, when your patients visit your practice, you must have everything handy to provide the proper care. Moreover, right from profits, claims status, billing, and similar activities when performed, should be notified to you for your knowledge.

Since we know how well the technology has been improving, it is a good idea to find a podiatry billing company that is following the latest technology and software and make you see live about your podiatry practice’s activities and make sure you are not lost in the middle of the ocean.

#4: Your podiatry billing company should be HIPAA compliant

Information security is something very important when it comes to outsourcing your podiatry billing. Compromising your patient practice information in any way leads to huge legal ramifications. We have seen many data breaches by several medical billing companies in 2018, which should not happen anymore. Therefore, the company you choose should give more importance to information security than anything else and stay in line with the changing HIPAA guidelines when and then. Make sure the company stores every information highly secure in the software it uses that is hard for hackers, automated malware, and ransomware to access. 


More than all these reasons, your podiatry billing company should have a great passion for podiatry specialty, so there will be upgrading of trending information whenever introduced and focusses on what is needed to enhance the revenue of your podiatry practice. 24/7 Medical Billing Services is a highly experienced medical billing company that has more than 15 years of experience in handling podiatry billing and other multi-specialty services with high quality. Get in touch with our podiatry billing and coding experts at +1-888-502-0537 to outsource your medical billing process.

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