Podiatry Billing Services

Podiatry Billing Services

The part where 3000 to 4000 nerves end up in the body is the foot. Such kind of delicate part may come across pains or sprains which must be treated properly. The physicians who treat patient’s ankles and feet are termed as podiatrists and they are earning good amounts of income. In just present days many of the vehicles have decreased our necessary to walk which causes many problems with the feet when we are exposed too little stressful walking. The podiatry has got billing issues that can be cleared out with the help of some of the best podiatry billing services.

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Fast payments

Patients may be stressed out because of slow payments and delayed queues. Get our best software and make your billing stress free. We have implemented the best ICD coding and other new advancing technologies to make the bill statements process in extra speed. Patients need not wait for a long time in the queue. Invest your money with our professional kind of software for Podiatry billing services and earning a good amount of money.

ICD-10 coding

Some of the coding which we are using in our present billing software of podiatry are given below

Code R60. 0

This code is for localized edema.

Code R60. 1

This code is for generalized edema.

Code R60. 9

This code is for unspecified edema.

Code M20. 10

This code is for Hallux valgus on acquired conditions for the unspecified foot.

Code M20. 11

This code is for Hallux valgus on acquired conditions for the right foot.

Code M20. 12

This code is for Hallux valgus on acquired conditions for the left foot.

Code M77. 30

This code is for calcaneal spur in any of the conditions of the unspecified foot.

Code M77.31

This code is for calcaneal spur in the right foot.

Code M77.32

This code is for calcaneal spur in the left foot. These are just some of the codes which are being used in our billing software to get better reimbursements for the medical industry. The medical industry will see a good improvement after getting billing services from us.

Setup facilities

We have created and trained our specially skilled workforce to work in the order of 4 step process which is mentioned below

  • Demo entry
  • Charge entry
  • Claims submission
  • Payment posting

These are some of the options which we are implementing in our software for getting error-free calculations.

 Why we are special?

  • More than 12 years of experience
  • Qualified professionals for analyzing medical bills
  • Error and stress free billing
  • Increment in profit levels
  • 100% HIPAA compliances at all times
  • Trail software for 30 days

If you like the 30 day trial period of our software then you can easily upgrade to premium packages of our software without any high payments. We give surety for improving your revenue cycle by 20% or just by 10% after getting services from our billing software. 24/7 Medical Billing Services provide services at affordable cost in the billing industry to make your medical industry shine like a diamond.