COVID-19 impact influences 24/7 Medical Billing Services to create a new trend in Mental Health and Chiropractic Billing at $12/ hour


Healthcare is experiencing hard times to generate revenue out of medical billing claims, especially on mental and behavioral health and chiropractic treatments. Due to the prevailing COVID-19 condition, healthcare companies in association with hospitals and medical institutions have also been taking a step down.

Statistical reports say that among several medical billing claims, mental health and chiropractic have the highest denial rates. Moreover, mental health and chiropractic treatment is time consuming; therefore forecasting of recovery does not have a pre-defined end.

To maintain a consistent revenue and cut down operation costs, 24/7 Medical Billing Services has introduced an hourly-based offer for mental health and chiropractic billing and coding outsourcing, for the first time.

Hospitals, individual practitioners, and big medical institutions can now outsource their mental and behavioral health and chiropractic treatments’ billing offered only at a price of $12 per hour. The CEO of 24/7, Mr. HariHarSudan determines this is a cost-effective and modernized approach for healthcare institutions to benefit from outsourcing services.

The company also announced that their hourly-based idea definitely be an intriguing change and support to medical billing services, since it can be adaptive anytime. It helps healthcare service providers cut down their operational costs and outsource their claims per need basis.

It also enables them streamline their current processes and handle medical billing services effectively. Due to payment being paid on hourly basis, it becomes possible for healthcare providers to save some money for the future or pay any unavoidable bills on-time.

Discussing about the challenges faced by healthcare providers with mental health & chiropractic billing, the never-ending problem arises with CPT codes, which increases the chances of claim rejections with the insurer company.

Right from claim form filling, patient records validation, treatment confirmation of patients with the respective medical institutions, providing appropriate CPT codes, submission of claims, liaising with the insurer company and follow up for claims settlement, and ensuring timely reimbursements, all hectic processes can be utilized at just $12 per hour, is a great deal for healthcare providers.

The hourly plan is even more beneficial because the recovery time for other ailments vary hugely when compared with the time it takes for mental health and chiropractic. Similarly, it is time-consuming to search for the exact CPT code and enter it correctly in the claim form. Without having the healthcare providers to take stress upon their head, 24/7 Medical Billing Services handles everything very smoothly and with ultimate care.

What challenges are faced by physicians in chiropractic and mental health billing?

In chiropractic and mental / behavioral health billing, physicians or their staff can make a mess in billing system enrollment, patient verification, chiropractor coding, medical billing and account reconciliation and accounts receivable collections. These issues can take a turn with sophisticated and real-time solutions offered by 24/7 Medical Billing Services, such as customized integration through exclusive chiropractic software, secured access and storage of data, collection capture, and reporting.

Here is a glance of the company’s portfolio and how they have been successful in the industry so far.


About 24/7 Medical Billing Services:

Market place

24/7 Medical Billing Services is a well-established medical billing and coding company that sets and meets great expectations of its customers, with highly qualified and skilled medical billers and coders handling the entire process. A leading player in the healthcare outsourcing industry offering DME medical billing services at your business convenience.


24/7 Medical Billing Services is a one-stop solution for all your medical billing & coding outsourcing needs with ability to manage the end-to-end process in a streamlined manner. Delivering excellence in achieving reimbursement of claims with the highest success rate in the industry makes the company unique. A simplified approach with multi-level checking prior to claims submission drives them to success.


The company diligently complies with HIPAA guidelines of maintaining privacy and security of clients’ data and ensure all processes are in line to their norms and policies. They enable client’s trust upon by following strict guidelines, restricted access, and high-end password protection for the entire client data they handle.


24/7 Medical Billing Services supports right from individual practitioners to well-known medical institutions or groups to manage medical billing processes at fingertips. They enact on behalf of clients in efficiently backing up and managing medical billing and coding services. Their extended customer support ensures updating clients with any information about their claims/reimbursements, 24/7 365 days in a year.

With chiropractic & mental health medical billing outsourcing available at $12 per hour, it should be utmost convenient for chiropractors and mental health physicians to manage their billing activities in a streamlined manner without interrupting operations and focussing towards patient care.


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