Physicians in New York Earn More with Medical Billing Outsourcing

Be it a medical practice, big hospital, or an independent doctor, medical billing outsourcing creates a great impact in generating and managing revenue. Based on your organization size, everyday patient volume, number of staff, affordable budget, staff’s skill, etc. the need for medical billing outsourcing can vary. But it is the fact that billing and revenue cycle management is critical to ensuring business sustainability.

Through this blog, we have tried explaining how medical billing outsourcing has been the greatest benefit to physicians in New York and why other independent practitioners should go for it.

How outsourcing can give you more than in-house medical billing?

At in-house medical billing, all billing aspects of activities are handled by your team. Right from the medical billing software, hiring certified coders and skilled staff who know to use the software and high potentiality to follow-up with both insurance providers and patients. Moreover, staying updated on the changing rules and regulations of the medical billing process becomes necessary for your in-house medical billers and coders.

Whereas, outsourcing is, as a practice you hiring someone else from outside to deal with your medical billing. Many practitioners may find outsourcing a scary step initially, but in the long run, you may find it the best strategy for the improvement of your medical practice. The medical billing outsourcing market was valued at USD 6.3 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow to $16 billion by 2024.

Here are some pros of medical billing outsourcing highlighting the pain points of practitioners and how outsourcing can cover up all of those.

Outsourcing Benefits

You can focus more on patient care

Physicians need not spend time on the administrative side of medical billing and can focus only and more on treating patients which is the ultimate purpose of them doing medicine. Especially if you are a small physician group, you get highly benefited from outsourcing. If you run a multispecialty clinic, you should be running around patients paying attention to them and not around medical bills.

You can save huge money upfront

Your outsourcing medical billing company will have all the setup proper which contains customized medical billing software and trained medical billers and coders who have huge experience in handling high complexity in medical billing and coding processes. Mostly, large hospitals and medical practices have a benefit over small practices in terms of budget. It means that these healthcare practices are highly capable of bringing in certified coders and billers, which is not possible for small practices. Therefore, outsourcing can be a great benefit to small practices in every aspect of the cost they invest in medical billing.

Outsourcing reduces billing errors

When you outsource your medical billing process, it means that you are staying in touch with an experienced medical biller. Your outsourcing partner team will have every claim coded properly and submit claims on time without any coding or billing errors. When there is no error, your claims get reimbursed quickly and there will be consistent cash inflow at your practice.

You need not entitle to any special training for your team nor spend money in getting things handy. All will be taken care of by your partner outsourcing company. The denials rate of your claims may reduce to a great extent.


Not only does outsourcing your medical billing stops with these benefits but also allows you to keep finances on track, enhances your patient satisfaction, be HIPAA compliant, and helps to improve and manage your revenue way high. If you have not outsourced your medical billing process yet, get in touch with 24/7 Medical Billing Services, the leading outsourcing company in the USA, and obtain clarity with billing experts on how outsourcing can benefit their medical practice.

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