Signs You Have A Great Medical Billing Process

A great medical billing process, tough to do so, right? How to know whether your process is syntactically correct or is just getting you nowhere? Is your medical billing handed in right hands? Is this process cutting your cost? We, 24/7 Medical Billing Services, bring you few signs and dangers to have a pronounced medical billing process.

Companies practising medical science have one major process to carry, Billing, and undertaking this whether inside the house or outside needs a set of plans to go with. It is treated as a multifaceted, complex and resourced system. So, it becomes indispensable to know the correct route from patient’s report to revenue cycle management.

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1. Patient Registration

When the patient arrives at the dispensary for the check- up it becomes chief to know the required information for a sustained claim filling. The info of his/her insurance such as the insurance payer and the policy no. is requisite.

2. Insurance verification

we make sure that the claims are not done for the ineligible candidates. A patient would turn ineligible for benefits if his or her policy has been terminated or modified and if your billing process continues offering them with services, it might give you loss. So, having a clean claim is impactful and profit-giving.

3. CPT and ICd-9 Review

Acknowledging what treatment the patient is undergoing and coding claims must be done as per to inform the payers about the details. ICD-9 and ICD-10 let you know about the diagnosis codes of the patient and CPT is detailed information about it. Correct diagnosis codes should be done for payer’s accurate valuation.

4. Claims Preparation

After all this has been done, the claims need to be submitted to the insurance payer. A particular payer may have different guidelines accordingly to satisfy the insurance needs, and it becomes important for the medical billers to be aware of all the information and variables of the payer to submit the claim.

5. Payment Posting

At this final step the amount is billed to the patient. Once the payment rectified with the posting, payments are documented to the patient’s account.

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