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Revenue Cycle Management

24/7 Medical Billing Services is here to help you save maximum possible revenue and get reimbursements for all the rendered services. Our end to end RCM services consists of the following:

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    Patient Appointments

    We help in maintaining a smooth patient influx and operate clinic in an efficient manner. We fix appointments timely in an organized manner and reduce patient waiting time.

    Medical Eligibility Verification

    We assist you to know the exact amount a patient owes in the form of Copays / Coinsurance / Deductibles. This also helps to reveal the patient’s payment history.

    • Patient eligibility of coverage
    • Amount insured for particular diseases & medical services

    Traditional & Latest Coding

    Our certified coders (CPC, COC, CIC, CPC-P, CPM, CPMA, CPCO, CPC-H, etc.) take care of specific Specialties and ICD-10 coding. They assist in documenting with appropriate CPT and ICD codes and Modifiers.

          We also educate the practice about procedures that can be billed together along with a particular treatment or accompanying medical services. At the same time, we ensure sticking to the coding guidelines.

    Demographics / Entry

    The specialist billing experts take care of the demographics & charge entry. They help the medical practice to track the claims to understand when and where the claims go and keep them informed about the filing of claims within 24 – 48 hours.

    Quality Review

    The Quality team monitors every process of the RCM cycle. Quality reports and analytics are shared internally with the team on a daily basis and with the client during the review meeting.

    • Well trained staff for providing updates to clients
    • Multiple layers of cross checking process

    Electronic Claims Submission / Rejections Resolutions

    We maintain a 99% clean claim standard. The trends and analysis are shared with the Coding and Claims entry teams along with the client as per the client’s convenience / during the Review meeting.

    Payment Posting

    The Payments received through ERA / EOB are posted on the system within 24 – 48 hours and the reports are reconciled on a daily basis. Denials are captured & moved to the Denial Analysis team.

    • Two levels of quality audit to make sure the process is at par with international standards
    • Trained staff who understands the patient responsibility too, like the Secondary balance, etc.

    Denial Analysis & Resolutions

    Claim Denials are analyzed carefully and the root cause is defined for each problem. It is then escalated to the concerned teams to make sure the Denials are fixed & also ensure they don’t recur in future.Denial analysis is shared with the client once a week.

    • Deal with Denials within 72 hours of receipt
    • Detect the trend and track the percentage of Denials daily
    • Meticulous system to avoid disruption in revenue inflow

    Accounts Receivable follow-up

    24/7 MBS runs behind every dollar on the table. We have collected millions of untapped dollars when we took over new projects. We check with the insurance companies for outstanding claims over 30 days through AR calling. The trend and details of the Report are shared with the practice once in a week or a month.

    Monthly Reporting

    24/7 MBS sends a monthly report with Financial summary, Procedure productivity, Collections reports (with the Adjustments). We provide details of Insurance-wise financials, Rejections, Denials and AR reports along with the practice Performance report.

    Cater to special requirements of clients and generate customized reports

    Monthly Patient Statements

    24/7 MBS helps you streamline your collections process by sending monthly statements to patients. Apprising the patients on time and regularly helps them to organize the payable amount.

    We also handle patient calls and take payments over the phone

    24/7 Support with Dedicated Account Managers

    It’s good to be in touch; our Account Managers are available 24/7 all round the year to cater to your needs and queries. Just rely on us completely & concentrate on what you love to do, caregiving.

    Revenue Cycle Management

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