SNF Billing Tips for Reducing Denials and Delays

Effective billing practices are essential for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) to maintain financial stability and ensure seamless operations. With the complexity of healthcare billing, SNFs often face challenges such as claim denials and payment delays, which can significantly impact their revenue cycle. By implementing effective billing practices, SNFs can enhance billing efficiency, reduce denials, and accelerate payment processes. The following tips provide a comprehensive guide to optimizing SNF billing procedures, ensuring timely reimbursements, and maintaining a healthy cash flow:

Tips for Reducing Denials and Delays in SNF Billing

1. Thorough Eligibility Verification

Thorough eligibility verification is critical to ensuring that their insurance covers the services provided to patients. It involves confirming the patient’s benefits and coverage details at the start of the admission process. This step helps prevent claim denials due to ineligible services or exhausted benefits, thus ensuring a smoother billing cycle.

Key Steps:

  • Contact Insurance Companies: Verify benefits and coverage details via phone or online portals.
  • Review Documentation: Cross-check the patient’s insurance documents for accuracy.
  • Automated Verification Tools: Use tools like Approved Admissions for automatic eligibility verification and coverage change detection.

2. Prior Authorization

Obtaining prior authorization from insurance companies before delivering services ensures that treatments are pre-approved and covered. This step is essential in preventing SNF claim denials due to unauthorized services. Proper documentation and timely authorization requests streamline the billing process and guarantee reimbursement for the provided care.

Key Steps:

  • Contact Insurers: Request authorization via phone or fax.
  • Track Services: Keep a record of services needing authorization and allowable days for admission.
  • Document Everything: Record authorization numbers and communication with insurers.

3. Accurate Medical Claims Submission

Accurate and timely submission of medical claims is vital to avoid rejections caused by technical errors or incorrect information. Utilizing advanced billing software and thorough documentation helps in submitting error-free claims, thus enhancing the likelihood of prompt reimbursements and reducing administrative burdens on the billing staff.

Key Steps:

  • Use Billing Software: Automate and validate claims before submission.
  • Detailed Documentation: Ensure accuracy in patient data, service codes, and insurance details.
  • Regular Training: Keep billing staff updated on coding guidelines and software features.

4. Efficient Handling of Claim Denials

Efficient handling of claim denials is crucial to secure reimbursements for denied services. Identifying common reasons for denial and addressing them proactively can prevent future rejections. Additionally, resubmitting corrected claims and utilizing appeal processes ensures that valid claims are eventually reimbursed, minimizing revenue loss.

Key Steps:

  • Identify Common Denials: Know common denial reasons to address them proactively.
  • Resubmit Claims: Correct errors and resubmit claims promptly.
  • Appeal Processes: File appeals with supporting documentation when necessary.

5. Monitor Accounts Receivable (AR) Turnover

Monitoring AR turnover helps assess the efficiency of medical billing and collections processes. A high AR turnover indicates efficient collections, while a low turnover may signal issues such as billing errors or delayed claim submissions. Regular review and addressing root causes ensure a healthy cash flow and financial stability for the facility.

Key Steps:

  • Regular Review: Analyze AR turnover rates to identify collection slowdowns.
  • Address Root Causes: Investigate and correct issues like billing errors or delayed submissions.
  • Automate Follow-ups: Use automated systems to remind staff to follow up on unpaid balances.

6. Accurate Charge Capture

Accurate charge capture ensures that all services provided to patients are billed correctly. Incomplete documentation or human errors can lead to lost revenue. Implementing automated charge capture systems and training staff to document services accurately can significantly reduce these issues, ensuring all services are billed and reimbursed.

Key Steps:

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Ensure all services are documented correctly.
  • Automate Charge Capture: Use software to capture charges from medical records automatically.
  • Staff Training: Train staff to document services accurately and promptly.

7. Manage Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Managing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is essential for maintaining a healthy cash flow. High DSO indicates inefficiencies in SNF billing and collections. Implementing automation tools, outsourcing certain billing functions, and maintaining accurate documentation can help reduce DSO, speed up the billing collections process, and improve financial health.

Key Steps:

  • Automate Billing Processes: Implement electronic billing and payment systems.
  • Outsource When Necessary: Consider outsourcing denial management and coding.
  • Prompt Follow-ups: Maintain accurate documentation and follow up on past-due accounts.

8. Outsourcing Billing Functions

Outsourcing SNF billing functions can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the billing process. By partnering with specialized billing service providers, SNFs can ensure compliance with the latest regulations, reduce the workload on internal staff, and minimize errors. This approach can also help facilities manage denials and appeals more effectively, leading to improved revenue cycles.

Key Steps:

  • Select Reputable Providers: Choose experienced billing service providers with a proven track record.
  • Define Scope: Clearly define the billing functions to be outsourced, such as denial management, coding, or claim submissions.
  • Regular Monitoring: Continuously monitor the performance of the outsourced services to ensure quality and compliance.

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