Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Services

Skilled Nursing Facility Billing Services

The entire medical industry is being managed with the help of nurses. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them the backbone of the medical industry and they help doctors perform better in times of emergencies. The skilled nursing facility billing services (SNF) in the early stages have now evolved after an order on the balanced budget came into act in 1998. We help you with high-level coding for SNF to take away the stress and make billing smooth and easy.  We have also implemented new techniques and software to facilitate skilled nursing facility billing services.

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Partner in care

In many rural hospitals, head nurses take care of the patients and give them proper treatment and medicines. Their service has been instrumental in saving lives. Such nurses deserve the right billing services to alleviate their burden. There are two parts in SNF – Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Both differ from each other and our billing services cover both these parts without any flaws. We are known for the quality codes we provide.

ICD-10 codes

We use advanced ICD-10 codes for hospital-based SNF. Some of the top codes we are currently using include:

Code Z15. 89

This code is for encountering special aftercare.

Code M62. 81

This code is for generalized muscle weakness.

Code R26.6

This code is for the difficulty in walking.

Code J18.8

This code is for pneumonia or another unspecified organism.

Code S12.000D- S129.XXD

This code alone marks 288 codes for various types of fractures occurring in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebra.

These are some of the ICD-10 coding which we are using in our presentation software. Our entire software is designed to work in a user-friendly environment to enhance the levels of usage in many medical industries.

Why choose us?

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing our services which seems to be better than others in the medical billing industry.

  • We have 12 years of experience in this SNF
  • We tend to provide better services on time without any denials
  • We have expert and skilled professionals
  • We help in customizing software based on client’s ideas

We have created a unique benchmark in the field of skilled nursing facility billing services (SNF) billing services to provide crystal clear services. Since our services are welcomed by many of the biggest medical industries, it becomes an easy choice for us to keep on improving our standards and quality of software.

Effective cost

We provide our high-end software at affordable prices. We tend to improve your income by 10 to 20% within a short time after getting billing services from us. We provide safe and secured logins for software and anti-hack proof software is provided by us. Make sure your medical industry is earning the right amount of reimbursements from SNF billing services or just free services from our analysts who will help you to point out the scale of your standards and will give more strategies to improve your Revenue Cycle Management. Connect with 24/7 Medical Billing Services to become one of the many happiest clients who are connected with us.