Top 5 EHR’s for DME Billing

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Electronic Health Records (EHR) is maintained in customized software, and medical practitioners prescribe them. Therefore, EHR software is highly recommended in every medical practice, and the best ones need to be installed for the effective running of the facility. In fact, EHR software is crucial for both outpatients and inpatients, especially in DME. But opting for any EHR software in DME is not recommended. Since there is much EHR’s for DME Billing , it needs to be approved by the insurance company of the patient.

EHR software has become essential in DME practice because it helps maintain compliance and keep the information on track at every step. It thus helps in smoothening the DME medical billing services. A DME practice requires the best EHR software to ensure that every claim is paid. In addition, robust EHR software streamlines revenue cycle management, which boosts the overall revenue and ROI of the facility while improving work efficiency and productivity.

A DME practice thus must get EHR software that can generate comprehensive reports for everything in one go. It must also be user-friendly and accessible for the eligible staff of the practice.

If you have a DME practice and are confused about which EHR’s for DME Billing to use for the facility, we have combined the best five of the software that the DMEs most commonly adopted.

1. Practice Suite

Practice Suite is one of the most used EHR by the DMEs because of its user-friendly dashboard that helps with the workflow. It also offers calendars and is a cloud-based solution; hence can be accessed by any mobile device with an Internet connection by the authorized staff.

The software and customized and flexible go-to features offer highly intuitive and simplified billing and coding solutions with intuitive charting on a single screen and patient documentation. Practice can easily transition to the suite and integrate with the system easily.

One of the best features of Practice Suite is its e-prescription available from over 700,000 pharmacies nationwide. It is also fully certified in Stage 2 ONC-ATCB. But without a powerful internet connection, Practice Suite does not work well.

2. Provider Suite

It is one of the best EHR solutions in the market that offers exclusive maintenance of the payment history of a patient. Many use this suite because of the upgraded features, and the solution is easy to integrate with the other applications that practice uses for management.

It also offers patient eligibility checks on a priority basis and real-time eligibility verification. However, it does have a drawback, with the occasional challenge of integrating with the EHR interface.

3. Kareo

It is one of the best EHR software for independent medical practices. It offers a cloud-based business and clinical management technology platform exclusively dedicated to the needs unique to independent platforms.

It helps streamline the work and medical billing process of the practice. Also, it is an affordable solution with an enhanced front-to-back-end billing solution.

4. Insta

Proctor is the company behind Insta that has integrated EMR solutions for enhanced revenue cycle management, inventory control, and radiology management. The robust platform makes managing and controlling the everyday operation of the facility easy while offering an enhanced patient experience with a centralized platform.

The solution helps with the digitization of the workflows, boosting productivity and gaining insight into the facility’s performance. With Insta, a DME service can manage financial aspects such as insurance, taxation, and pre-authorizations, remittance reconciliation, claim submission, etc.

5. Below Solutions

It is one of the latest EHR solutions in the market and is making its presence felt with its automated features. The EHR is fully automated and is a cloud-based platform. Therefore, the software can be used by the authorized staff of practice from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

The single-click makes it easier and quicker to navigate the system. Also, the document imaging of a patient is integrated into the system. The software is still being upgraded and modified. So while it offers all these services, the user can sometimes find some glitches.

Where can you get this EHR software for your DME Facility?

At 24/7 Medical Billing Services, you can find all these and more EHR software that helps with specialties like DMEs. As an outsourced billing and revenue management partner, we offer the best solutions that ensure transparency and accuracy for all DME billing services. To enjoy the best outcome of the DME practice without compromising on the services you offer, you need the best EHR solution; for that, 24/7 Medical Billing Services is the best place.

We have a trained and experienced team to handle the billing and coding for a DME and the knowledge to determine which EHR’s for DME Billing will be the best solution for your practice. Get the best out of your practice by partnering with 24/7 Medical Billing Services.

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