When Things Are Not Ok With Your Practice


Real-time medical practice gives practitioners a tough time managing workflow, medical billing system, revenue generation, and more. But no problem is left without a solution; likewise, when things go wrong with your practice, there are accomplish-able solutions for your medical billing process. This blog illustrates the possible challenges that you could face as a medical practitioner in your practice and how to overcome them.

Medical Billing Services
Medical Billing Services

Challenges that a medical practice can encounter:

Although there are several challenges encountered by a medical practice, these three take a more in-depth look and should be given priority in any medical practice.

#1: Poor generation of good referrals

Building relationships is very important in medical practice because you get business more through referrals from other physicians. By doing so, you can gradually improve your business, resulting in higher revenue generation. How to make other physicians help you by sending patients through referrals?

Here are a few points that you can keep a note of and apply them:

  • Attending community events, speaking at seminars, or reaching out to local physicians can help you with referrals.
  • Provide quick consultation to patients who came through referrals so that you get referrals through referred patients as well.
  • Offer the best treatment to your referrals because positive feedback is more important for enhancing your medical practice image, thereby improving revenue generation as well.


#2: Failing to establish an efficient operation

Lack of quality in patient care and inefficient operations can lead to loss of revenue. Putting everything in place and working according to a streamlined flow can extensively improve the performance, growth, and profit of your medical practice. Sometimes, having an expert medical practice manager can bring your operations smooth enough in the longer run.

Anyhow, we have some critical tips for enhancing the efficiency of your operations:

  • Do proper scheduling of patients according to specialist-specific so that the time physicians spend for their patients may improve, which results in patient satisfaction.
  • Ensure proper staffing at the office and hospital that helps you avoid overstaffing/understaffing depending on the complexity involved in your medical practice and the place you work.
  • Monitor the performance of your staff, expenses, revenue generated, and the rate of patients’ inflow, making it easy for you to forecast your future incomes and consequences. With this, you can make the necessary pre-fixes for your medical practice and ensure a smooth workflow.


#3: Inefficient medical billing & coding

Again, this is one of the most painful areas where your medical practice can sink and get your revenue down within a blink of an eye.

Like how other areas have challenges, even medical billing and coding also have an equal amount of challenges.

  • Your staff may find it challenging to keep them updated on new codes, leading to claims rejection/denials.
  • Improper documentation is another major factor influencing your insurer to reject your claims, if not done by your staff accurately.
  • Providing codes that are not specific to patients’ treatment could be another cause for inappropriate medical billing and coding.



An inefficient way of handling billing and coding definitely impacts the insurer’s receipt of revenue for any medical practice, which affects your medical practice’s entire operations. The best solution to keep your operations good-going it is ideal that you outsource medical billing and coding process, which helps to streamline the rest of the processes in your medical practice. If you are looking for the best outsourcing partner to support you in revenue growth, approaching 24/7 Medical Billing Services to get the best and quality service at the best price.

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