The ThanksGiving Day Brings A Great News to the Healthcare Industry – Says 24/7 Medical Billing Services

We have seen how COVID-19 has changed the fate of many companies in the healthcare industry. Most solo practitioners, medical practices, DME supplying companies, small-size medical billing companies, and many others have had been under a great struggle to run their operations and address claims related concerns. Some of them had to shut down their business completely.

Thanksgiving offer in healthcare by 247 Medical Billing Services

Recognizing the greatness of the effort rendered by the entire healthcare industry and as a concern of gratitude, 24/7 Medical Billing Services is likely to provide every other in the healthcare sector with amazing Thanksgiving offers.

The company says that these Thanksgiving offers definitely be a hand-in-hand support to healthcare companies that went down financially too low and those practices and practitioners whose medical billing process was completely screwed up due to the number of patients piling up during the initial phase of COVID-19.

The offer looks promising and likely to roll out during the ThanksGiving month, and the CEO of 24/7 Medical Billing Services Mr.Hariharasudan Neelarathinam conveys that this offer will definitely be a huge savings for new companies established just before the first phase of COVID-19 and our existing clients as well, and gives them a consistent revenue once signed up with our company.

To talk about the company’s place in the industry, it is one of the leading medical billing service providers in the USA and has more than a decade experience dealing with accurate claims submission & denials management and an expert in revenue management cycle. It offers a wide range of medical billing services and writes a new meaning for medical billing and coding in the books of healthcare.

We have observed some of the top notch qualities and areas that 24/7 Medical Billing Services excels at, and the 24/7 team says that these factors can convince their clients on “why 24/7 Medical Billing Services?”

  • Highly skilled and vast expertise in medical and DME billing
  • Simple and hassle-free on-boarding process for new clients
  • Excellent management of rejected and pending claims, and ageing accounts receivables
  • Seamless and transparent communication at every step of medical billing process
  • Dedicated, experienced, and certified billing and coding team for your DME facility with high-end supervision from every aspect of your claim
  • Instant and real-time response to your queries and clarifications

However, the company has planned to wind off the offer after 30th of November 2020 with a simple registration process. It also believes that healthcare companies that are smart enough to handle revenue crunch at this time will definitely become our new clients and experience a new season in medical billing and coding.

Keep watching this pace for more updates on what kind of offers that 24/7 Medical Billing Services is looking to roll out soon.

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