Ambulance Billing Services in Tacoma, Washington (WA)

The best business activity city of Pierce County gets 24/7 medical billing services!
Tacoma city is a midsized urban port city where most of the business transactions happen for the better. Now 247 medical billing is entering into the city to reduce the stress of the billing sector. The billing sector can be no harder because of the assistance of 247 medical billing. They have got some of special services which can make medical billing more flexible. Some are

  • Payment posting
  • Fewer denials
  • No rejections
  • 30 day trial software
  • 24*7 help support

These are some of the best features to pick 247 medical billing to improve your healthcare industry revenue.

An ambulance is one of the most important transport factors for saving many lives. They come under the bills of emergency departments. There are many medical industries that still exist without getting proper reimbursements for services of an ambulance. When ambulance billing services are properly mentioned in claims, there are 100% chances of getting reimbursed without any denials. But most of the billing services don’t see to the benefit of the medical industry. Our ambulance billing service is a separate branch that keenly focuses on getting the right reimbursements on time.

Instant pays

When ambulance services are correctly claimed, there are chances for 25% of instant pay and it can improve the standards of your revenues. The increasing revenue will get a hike in your medical industry when you are getting services from us. We use the right software to calculate the pay for ambulance services and improve your medical industry revenue by 30% within a short period of time. There are so many happy clients who are getting better reimbursements for ambulance services.

The 7-digit code

We are using 7-digit codes which are ICD-10 codes for ambulance billing. The previous version was based on 5-digits and has been replaced. The 7-digit codes have an extra specialty like the first three codes define the category. The fourth code defines the origination of the injury or disease which is termed as etiology. The fifth code specifies which part of the body is affected. The sixth code is for the severity of the illness and the seventh code is for extension or for specifying the condition.

We have implemented this type of coding in our software to produce better claims to reduce denials. With such kind of technological improvement, we stand unique in providing the best software for ambulance billings.


  • We provide 100% transparent services for your medical industry
  • No extra charges in our medical billing services
  • We assure you that we don’t get any hidden charges
  • We don’t ask for high charges for implementing software

We don’t compromise on low quality, that’s why we are providing the best quality software by our professional coders.

12 Years of Experience

We are actively participating with many clients for ambulance billing in this industry and that makes us so sure about increasing your medical industry revenue and maintaining hassle-free coding software. Since our experts are well qualified in creating some of the best software, you need not worry about the software. You can trust our services and we ensure AR follow-up within 5 days of time. With some 12 years of practice, we are able to provide some of the best software in the industry like

  • AdvancedMD,
  • HealthFusion,
  • Allscripts PM,
  • Kareo,
  • Athena collector,
  • Nextgen,
  • Brightree,
  • Medisoft,
  • Chirotouch,
  • NueMD,
  • Centricity group management,
  • Practice fusion,
  • Eclinical works and
  • Epic

These are just some of the software for which we have been implementing many customizations for our clients. When our clients are in need of help we provide it without any hesitation on both technical and non-technical sides. Become one of our successful clients who keep on earning high rates and provide better billing services.