5 commonly used EHR for Urgent Care Billing Services

If you’re also looking to achieve success for your urgent care practice, it is essential to have the right tools. In fact, your practice must include ample parking, the best location, visible signage, experienced staff to offer quality patient care, and, most importantly, the right EHR tool for your urgent care billing services.

However, choosing the right EHR tool from the numerous options available in the US market is not easy. In fact, one shouldn’t rely only on the default system already existing within the hospital. There is a need to consider the different EHR software based on their unique attributes before selecting and implementing it in the system. Even the software is selected on the basis of the different expectations of the urgent care patients for healthcare and services. The most commonly used EHR by the urgent care billing services are as follows:


Kareo is a web-based practice management EHR, mainly suits small medical practices and billing companies. In fact, this system is used by thousands of physicians across the US. With this software, medical practices can –

  • Schedule the patients,
  • Confirm the insurance,
  • Manage the accounts and collection process,
  • Store the documents of the patients,
  • Develop the customized reports,
  • Run the tasks within 48 hours of signing up and many more.

The best part of this system is that it starts at a low monthly rate with no set-up and contract fees, without any hassle of maintenance and updates requirements.


The athenahealth software used for urgent care billing currently works with more than 160,000 medical providers under the recent name as 2020 Best in KLAS: Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM. The athenaClinicals provides cloud-based services for –

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR),
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) & medical billing,
  • Care coordination,
  • Patient engagement,
  • Population health management, and many more.

This EHR software is for 10 or fewer physicians that offer a homepage to review the patient information and daily schedule, manage the orders, and view the lab results.


The drChrono EHR is compatible with iPhone and iPad, allowing healthcare providers and medical practices to manage patient intake and care, clinical charting, revenue cycle management, and alike. It includes-

  • Customizable medical forms templates,
  • Prebuilt forms,
  • E-prescribing,
  • Real-time patient eligibility checks,
  • Automatic scheduling tools, and
  • A patient portal.

It also offers a medical API and a multitude of apps for healthcare app developers to track patient information quickly.


AdvancedMD is a unified software solution meant for independent urgent care practices. The features of this software include –

  • Medical billing and practice management,
  • Patient engagement tools,
  • Reputation management,
  • Telemedicine functionality,
  • Patient charts,
  • Financial analytics,
  • Business intelligence reporting, and alike.

The integration of all these features in one place automates the patient’s journey and boosts the patient experience right from self-scheduling or e-appointments.


The eClinicalWorks is a practice management solution that provides technology support for every step of the patient care delivery process. The features of this electronic health record (EHR) includes –

  • Customizable reminders,
  • Patient engagement,
  • Population health data,
  • Healthcare analytics,
  • Custom messaging campaigns, and alike.

Moreover, the eCW solution offers access to all the elements of the patient records and provides options like trend analysis, structured data capture, customizable documents, etc.


Did you know that the successful operation of your practice is highly influenced by the selection of the right EHR/PM software? That’s why it’s highly recommended to choose the right tool very wisely. In fact, if you’re switching to some other tool from your existing one, you should be aware of the net impact of the same on your practice operations. Take your time to study and test each option against the attributes that you are looking for. Else, the best option is to outsource your urgent care billing to the 24/7 Medical Billing Services that have experts with complete knowledge of this EHR’s.

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