Urgent Care Billing Services

Urgent Care Billing Services

A medical industry must get enough amount of revenue to keep it going without any hiccups. Practitioners must ensure that their efforts are aligned well with the best medical practices. While doing so, they must also maintain a stronghold on their income. One of the best ways of earning a substantially large income is urgent care billing services. Not many realize this and never pay attention to the way their reimbursements are being managed.

What is urgent care?

It is part of the ambulatory services that play a critical role in saving the lives of patients in times of emergencies. Life is precious. Unfortunately, mishaps occur when we are least prepared. Urgent care ensures that a patient is able to tide over challenges. While bills associated with urgent care should ideally be attached to the patient’s bill for reimbursements, some services fail to do so. This is where 24/7 Medical Billing Services come into play.

Why choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

  • We have 12 years of experience in urgent care billing.
  • We attach urgent care bills for reimbursements under the S category.
  • We make sure that the reimbursed amounts reach the medical facility on time.
  • We file claims without errors.

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Augment your revenue

As per a medical industry report, doctors attend to about three million patients in a day. Out of these three million, a vast majority of patients will be offered urgent care services that go unaccounted for at the time of filing for reimbursements. But our services focus on reimbursements for urgent care services and in fact rely upon them for increasing your profit. We try to improve your income by 20% purely on the basis of reimbursements obtained from urgent care billing. This should give you an idea about our potential and how much you would actually earn if all your medical services were managed by us. Our billing services have no room for rejections. Our clients are extremely happy with our services and you could be one of them.

Improve your standard

We not only improve your income but also raise your standard of urgent care billing services. We truly believe in client satisfaction. With our experience with some of the biggest clients in the industry, we have been able to create the most advanced software that uses the best ICD-10 coding for reimbursements. We focus on improvising the standards of your medical practice by providing help and support – both technical and non-technical – as and when required. Our software is user-friendly and comes with a secured login.

What makes us stand out?

  • Better software
  • RCM with experts
  • Stress-free work
  • Hassle-free codes
  • Revenue hike
  • Anytime help support
  • Best reporting quality
  • 24X7 help support

There are countless reasons why our clients love our services. Call us to know more.