Teleradiology Billing Services

Teleradiology Billing Services

Medical billing is one of the most important services that render excellent value to the health industry and its customers. Sickness is unpredictable and it happens all of a sudden for various reasons. Medical treatments are costly these days and the price of the treatment differs as per the disease and the treatment given to the patient. A lot of treatments necessitate longer treatments leading to heavy bills. Luckily, there is medical insurance to ensure that all their medical expenses are covered. The medical billing and coding service that deals with teleradiology are called teleradiology medical billing services.


There are different branches of medicine. The one that deals with the transfer of X-ray, MRI, and CT from one health specialist to the other is called teleradiology. The X-ray, MRI, and CT are transferred to the radiologists. The medical billing and coding service that deals with teleradiology are called teleradiology medical billing services. One of the leading recommended, and reliable medical billing services that deal with various branches of medicine including teleradiology is 24/7 medical billing services. We are one of the best in the country with trained professionals in billing and coding. With our expertise, we have been able to offer a wide range of accurate medical billing services.

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  • Strict compliance with HIPAA Compatible with Medicare and Medicaid center called as CMS

Our clients are more than happy with our services and have been able to improve their productivity miraculously after having deployed our software.

CPT codes for teleradiology

Code 74210

This code denotes fluoro upper esophageal.

Code 74220

This code denotes the fluoro esophagus exam.  Code 74241 This code denotes the fluoro upper GI series.

Code 74245

This code denotes fluoro upper GI W small bowl.

Code 74247

This code denotes Fluoro’s upper GI tract with the bowl.

Tele-Radiologist areas that need extra care

Laterality and age

It is important to specify exactly which lateral has the issue. This could include bilateral, right hand, left feet, etc. The age or condition should be mentioned too. For instance, acute, residual, sub-acute, traumatic, recurrent, etc.

Episodes of care

This is most important because the type of care given to the patient needs to be properly mentioned so that it is easy to code and bill for accurate claims. 24/7 Medical billing services use ICD-10 codes and the medical billing and coding are done by experts. Minimize the burden of teleradiology billing with the help of our services. Call us today.