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Are you a chiropractor in serious need of streamlining your revenue cycle?

Then here’s an offer you just can’t miss. 24/7 Medical Billing Services is offering you a fantastic opportunity to get your revenue cycle back on track and collect more. If you partner with us today, we will offer you 30% off on your first three billing invoices. And that’s not all. With this offer, we are also giving away A/R cleanup service for FREE!

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Costs with our Offer

When you hire 24/7 Medical Billing Services to take care of your billing needs, we will not only assign a dedicated team of coders, billers and A/R specialists for your practice but also offer you a discount of 30% on first three invoices. This means, you earn more and save more on each invoice.

As we work with a well-trained team, you will be paid faster. We make use of the latest technology to process your revenue cycle efficiently. This not only reduces errors but claims are also sent quicker, leading to faster payments and better revenue cycle management. Since there is no need to worry about procedures, coding and compliance to regulations, you will get more time to deliver quality care to patients.

Rise in Medical Billing Outsourcing for Chiropractors :

Compared to keeping billing in-house, most chiropractors have started weighing the benefits of outsourcing.

According to the industry experts, medical billing and coding industries will experience more outsourcing than ever in 2019. Providers will start hiring a third party, especially for redundant yet important tasks like medical billing, coding and A/R management.

Can outsourcing help chiropractors save money?

There is a common misconception that medical billing outsourcing is an expensive proposition for providers. Whereas in reality, it can helps save a lot of money. For instance, if you are working with insufficiently trained billers and coders and inefficient billing methods, it will lead to errors and delays in claims submission. This will slow down your revenue stream to a great extent. But if you have hired a reliable billing company, their team won’t let any complications hinder your payment cycle.

Outsourcing will reduce costs related to staffing, training and management of an in-house billing team and also eliminate the cost of maintaining billing software and equipment.

So what are you waiting for?

Partner with us today and avail this exciting offer and get your practice back on track.

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