Tips for Physicians to Gain New Patients for Their Practice

Whether you run a large or small practice, marketing is essential for the success of your business. On an average, you should see at least 30 to 50 new patients every month if you want your practice to grow.  Also, there is a strong need to offer competitive services at reasonable pricing in order to maintain the flow of patients as well as retain the existing ones.

Physician's Practice
Physician’s Practice

If you are failing to attract new patients due to increased competition and rising workload, then you need strong and progressive marketing techniques.

Here are a few tips that you should consider to bring in more patients to your practice:

  • The first tip is to step back and examine the foot traffic in your waiting room. Are patients not returning on a regular basis? Have the referrals reduced? If yes, then it is time to change the practice culture and bring in changes. Start by understanding your current patients and look at office records to observe the age, gender, location and profession of existing patients. This information will help you understand what type of marketing techniques you should follow to attract new patients and promote your practice.
  • It is very important to have trained and experienced front-office staff. This is because they are the first point of contact for the patients. If they don’t give a first good impression and address questions patiently, it will become difficult for your practice to gain new patients and retain existing ones.
  • Another effective tip to bring in new patients is to invest in a mobile-responsive website. If the site is working well on all types of mobile devices, you will stand a better chance of getting more appointments. So make sure your site is responsive and easy to navigate.
  • Ensure your presence online. Yes you read that right. It may not seem relevant for your profession but having a strong social media presence is very important to tap new patients. Besides having a website, it is also necessary to mark your presence on social media channels. Social media will not only help find more patients but also give you the chance to interact with the existing ones.
  • Patient reviews are a powerful thing so make sure you are not neglecting your online reputation. Monitor your online reviews closely and reposed to negative comments quickly for effective results.

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