Patient Appointment Scheduling

Patient Appointment Scheduling

With us, you make your patients appointments smooth and comfortable. At 24/7 Medical Billing Services we take the appointment bookings very seriously. We schedule the appointments for clinics, hospitals, individual physician’s offices, etc. We also schedule appointment for doctors who practice in more than one clinic and need to move to and from one medical office to other. We understand the pain of calls, paperwork, etc. Thus, make the patient appointments and scheduling easier, comfortable and cost effective. Looking for Patient Appointment Service Provider? Contact Us Today.

We Give Complete Administrative and Customer Service Support

We help you get rid of trivial administrative tasks and help you keep your complete focus on your core business. We contact patients to schedule appointments timely and answer their queries humbly. Our physician answering services helps patient to contact the nurse or physician even when they are on leave or office is closed. We respond quickly to medical emergencies and cater to medical practices, hospitals, pharmacies, therapists, etc. promptly. If the appointment is not booked correctly, it can impact patient’s satisfaction and result in time loss for the patient and physician. Therefore, we give reminder calls to the patients, so the appointments are not missed. 24/7 Medical Billing Services analyze and categorize the appointments appropriately as one time schedules or recurring. Thus, we save physician’s time and work energetically to make the patients appointments process stress-free.

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Patient scheduling and rescheduling appointments can be a time consuming and challenging process. Therefore, we offer patient appointments scheduling and rescheduling services with complete accuracy in the most effective manner.

Benefits of Patient Appointment Scheduling-

  • Managing chief duties to render timely medical care to patients easily
  • Reduced overhead and operational costs
  • Reduced no shows
  • Decrease in overbooking, late appointments and missed appointments
  • Less number of errors, rework and non-payment
  • Improved cash flow and productivity
  • Improved patient compliance and privacy