Why Outsource Urgent Care Billing Services?

Urgent care practices like yours are thriving since you have a decent patient volume with positive reviews online, and you are providing evidence-based, compassionate care however, you are still not what you expect with your profit margins. If your revenue is still water, there is something wrong with your billing process.

A lot of Urgent Care providers struggle to maintain their practice profits until they decide to outsource their medical billing process. Let us understand the basics of urgent care billing and how you can boost your practice revenue with just a few changes in your processes.

How does urgent care practice medical billing work?

With not much difference between primary care and emergency room practice, urgent care clinics are important or emergency rooms are playing an important role in our healthcare system. That’s why they’re increasing in popularity and are expected to be worth $26 billion by 2023. To have your fair share on the market, you need to have an amazing medical billing service provider with you to optimize your workflows for maximum returns.

Questions one should ask before hiring their urgent care medical billing partner?

We process a variety of offshore urgent care billing services.

We offer proven offshore urgent care billing services specially customized to meet the urgent care centres’ needs.

Here are some services we provide for an urgent care center…

Accurate Data Entry: Information regarding urgent care centers is gained from the provider and stored with high accuracy into a database to make sure that there are no mistakes during the billing process.

Filing the Claims: Our years of expertise give us extreme scalability and flexibility while filing claims electronically as well as on paper as per the insurance carrier.

Statement for Practices: We send statements through emails based on their unique specifications of practices or facilities.

Payments and Audits: After obtaining payments and explanations from clients, every accurate detail is then posted in our databases, and EOB audits are processed to make sure correct reimbursements are handled.

Appeal Management: With faulty payments or denials from insurance companies, we ensure to file appeals and the correct reimbursement is received by your practice.

Customized Reporting Schedule: We provide customized reports generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as per the requirements of the practice.

Frequently Updated Fee Schedules: Setting up fee schedules is a crucial side of working with insurance companies and we make sure these are updated every year. As a default part of our service, we negotiate fee schedules and set them up to cover inflation with your reimbursements increase in the cost of living.

24/7 Medical Billing Services also makes sure that proper reports are maintained, and claims are taken with regular follow ups after submission to insurance companies so that they are reimbursed within the shortest possible time.

Why Outsource Urgent Care Billing Services to 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

When you outsource urgent care billing services to our experts at 24/7 Medical Billing Services, you can reap the benefits like:

  • Access to highly skilled support staff
  • 24/7 support and services
  • Overall collections up to 98%
  • Billing accuracy
  • Guaranteed increase in revenue flow
  • 97% claims paid on the first submission
  • The steep reduction in denials (Minimal financial disruption due to ICD-10)
  • Multi-specialty expertise
  • Error-free patient entry and sales order creation
  • Reductions in A/R days
  • Cost savings assured
  • Increase in collections in the first few months
  • Transparent procedures and charges
  • 24/7 web-based access
  • Complete data security
  • Zero ICD-10 disruption
  • No write-offs or adjustments without prior notice
  • Inclusive RAC audits
  • Personalized service

You partner with an urgent care billing company when you outsource urgent care billing services to 24/7 Medical Billing Services. We are a company extremely skilled in getting your claims paid and increasing your profits.

We know urgent care billing is a complex business that needs to follow similar procedures as a primary care office. You need to follow certain coding and billing guidelines to follow compliance with regulatory requirements. Issues with the medical billing process can shake your revenue cycle management and create an impact on your practice bottom line.

Outsourcing is a smart option, which we believe, you will choose right away after you read this article.

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