A/R Follow-up

A/R Follow-up

  We at 24/7 Medical Billing Services helps healthcare organizations in recovering overdue payments from insurance carriers easily and on time. So, here is when accounts receivable AR follow-up come into the picture. We help the healthcare service providers to run their practice smoothly and successfully, meanwhile ensure that the owed amount is refunded back as soon as possible.

Let’s have a look at why you need to have an A/R team – 

  • To keep an eye on the denied claims.
  • To receive maximum reimbursements from the payers.
  • To make sure all the other processes like charge entry, verification & payment posting are done on time.
  • To complete the follow-up on time & with less cost.

At 24/7 Medical Billing Services, we follow a streamlined process for A/R follow-up.  

  • Identification and analysis of the claims listed on the A/R aging report.
  • Analyzing & prioritizing the claims.
  • Collection of claims.

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One of the biggest challenges that the utmost of the medical billing companies & providers face in the medical billing process is the A/R follow-up.

So, why is AR follow-up important –

  • It helps in achieving financial stability.
  • It helps in recovering the overdue payments without any hassles.
  • It helps in minimizing the time for outstanding payments.
  • It helps in making sure that claims do not go missing.
  • It helps in recovering the accumulated payments not touched due to a lack of information.

Let’s simplify the A/R follow-up process together! Contact 24/7 Medical Billing Services for further details.