Medical Billing Audit / Consultation

We offer Medical Billing Audit/Consultation Services to detect bottlenecks, streamline the process & help fill the gaps.

We also offer the auditing services including reviewing coding documentation, reviewing the fee schedule, analyzing the reimbursement by Payers, identifying the trend & root cause of problems, training the billing staff, and more.

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End-to-End Medical Billing Services provider across entire US.

Our team at 24/7 Medical Billing Services understands how doctors are short pressed for time during the weekdays, and so are the patients with their daily routine. With this understanding we make ourselves available 24/7 all through the year to solve coding and billing issues, and you get your payments on time.

Your patients can call us anytime for any kind of clarification regarding the billing while you sit back and keep a tab on the revenue cycle management process remotely. We are here to increase your revenue and cut down operational costs with services at par with international standards.

Save time and money, on a daily basis! Enjoy more hours with family and friends.

Free Consultation

Whether you are having an in-house medical billing team or looking for help in a particular area of expertise, we at 24/7 Medical Billing Services are there to help you in Medical Billing Audit/Consultation.

We understand the busy schedules of medical professionals. That is why we firmly believe in taking up responsibilities to help you maintain a proper work-life balance.