Medical Eligibility Verification

Are you sure that the income you receive or the staff time you invest in your patients are worth enough? Well, this can be assured only when you have proper medical eligibility verification in your billing system.

The verification of the medical eligibility of the patients is one of the most important steps by the practitioner. The process of medical billing has a captivating role in the health companies & has different departments to deal with.

Verification is important because the insurance companies alter their policies & programs on a timely basis, so it becomes vital for the practitioner to go through the medical or health insurance of the patient whenever he comes for the visit.

Eligibility verification thus helps in eliminating the rejections & denials.

We implement eligibility verification as follows –

  • Receiving the patient’s data
  • Checking the details & verifying the authenticity
  • Going through all the insurance facts & facets.
  • Taking to the authorized insurer.
  • Contacting the customer in case of any problems.
  • Upgrading the billing system.

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Why do you need medical eligibility verification?

  • To determine the patient’s financial obligation.
  • To increase cash collection & reimbursements.
  • To minimize errors & reduce bad debts.
  • To increase the income of the company.
  • To eliminate the wastage of money.
  • To collect upfront payment.
  • To simplify the workflow.

5 reasons why you should choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services 

  • Experience – We have more than 12 years of experience in the field of medical billing & coding. Also, we have a team of certified coders & billers who can help in proper verification.
  • Technology – We use the latest technology & software like EHR which helps in ensuring accuracy.
  • HIPAA – Our team is familiar & makes sure to comply with the stated guidelines.
  • Revenue – We can provide you the guarantee to increase 30% of the revenue.
  • Track record – We have worked with various practitioners and have a track record with multiple specialties.