Allergy and Immunology Billing Services

Allergy and Immunology Billing Services

People these days face a lot of issues regarding allergies and breathing complaints. Often, diminishing immunity power leads to symptoms and conditions that are treated by medical industries. As these issues continue to rise, there is a constant need for good billing practices too for treating them. We provide better billing services that can help your practice immensely. We have got ample of experience in allergy and immunology billing services that can positively impact your finances and performance.

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Allergy and Immunology Billing Services

What is Allergy?

It is a medical term when something causes disturbances to human body. There are multiple kinds of allergies which people are undergoing in present times. Skin and dust allergies are constantly rising and each necessitates an entirely different treatment and coding. The right coding therefore is as important as correct treatment.

CPT codes

  • We use advanced and updated method of coding.
  • They help our clients get faster and precise results.
  • We have developed effective coding to make clear bills without any confusion.
  • We have installed the new ICD-10 coding for better CPT codes.

Any confusion in billing, can lead to denials or rejections. While a rejection happens in any one case, denials can result from using wrong CPT codes. The ICD-10 coding comes with a whole lot of improvements that help people get better reimbursements as well as increase the revenue of medical industry.

Code 95115

This code is used for allergy cases treated with single injection without the provision of antigen.

Code 95117

This code is used for allergy cases treated with multiple injections without the provision of antigen.

Codes 95144-95170

These codes represent both the injection as well as the antigens added with it. These are just a few examples codes we use to provide effective software. Use our software and avail of extraordinary benefits for your business. As compared to other services, our software is superior and is competitively priced. We even provide 30-day trial packs to our clients to experience some of its finest features.

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Help support

24/7 Medical Billing Services offer help support at any time of the day. We have both technical and accounts teams to assist you and clarify all your concerns. . We are always ready to walk that extra mile and make amends to the software to accommodate unique requirements of our clients. We ensure a high level of security to safeguard patient information.  We concentrate on providing best services to our clients. Just give us a call and get ready to experience the finest in allergy and immunology billing services with us for 30-day trial package. We’re confident it is exactly what you need. Get a world of benefits with our software. What’s more, it is user-friendly and can boost your revenue in many ways.