Behavioral Health Billing Services

Behavioral Health Billing Services

The study of moods, hormones, and mentality that influence a person’s actions and how it impacts their day-to-day existence is known as behavioral health. Due to the nature of the care delivered to patients and the financing made available for the therapy, behavioral and mental health billing services is challenging.

The present opioid usage pandemic, which includes both heroin and prescription painkillers, has a big influence on the United States healthcare industry. Traditionally, mental health care and overall health care services have been provided independently from those for the avoidance and treatment of substance abuse and substance use disorders.

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Patients are treated by psychologists and psychiatrists in a variety of ways, including counseling, medication, mindfulness, etc. Depending on the clients or patients and the ailment, these treatments can take a variety of times. 

A patient with incapacitating behavioral problems needs further psychotherapy, literacy instruction, job training, occupational therapy, etc. 

Regrettably, the time given by insurance companies for each therapeutic strategy is longer than it takes, which results in inaccuracies when services are billed. Understanding the problems that lead to denied claims and delayed refunds is crucial. Some of the causes are:

  • Documentation Error

CMS has provided a guide on proper documentation to help prevent denial and this starts from effectively documenting the patients’ biodata, the presenting complaints, where the treatment is taking place, the name and location of the clinic, the reasons for every investigation done, and treatments given as well as indications for every procedure. Thoroughly providing these data will help to prevent future denial and at 24/7 Medical Billing Services, we ensure that all these are in place.

  • Prior Authorization

To have a smooth system, it is important to obtain prior authorization right before commencing treatment or any procedure on the patient.

  • Coding Accuracy

Ensuring perfect medical codes on time spent per therapy will help to prevent future errors in billing per unit. As the time spent per therapy session is counted on a unit basis.

  • Policy Violations

Certain policy violations can result in denial as recorded by CMS, and these include ineffective or inadequate progress reports or documentation, and late acquisition of prior authorization for the services that need it before billing takes place.

Running a successful practice/billing business requires precise invoicing and the submission of clean invoices for the service offered. By outsourcing your revenue cycle, you may free up some of your time and put your workers to greater use. 

It can hopefully minimize substantial monetary harm due to wrong billing & claim filings. Our group of mental health and behavioral healthcare billers uses financial industry standards to maximize your income and cut down on claim cancellations.

What Are The Advantages Of Outsourcing Your Behavioral Health Billing Services To Us At 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

Our company will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency

Our medical billing company has skillful coders that will flawlessly help to file claims without errors and with quicker processing methods in days. This will prevent you from delays or having to wait for months.

  • Little or No Billing Errors

With the help of our advanced billing software, you can be rest assured that billing errors that lead to delayed payments will be eliminated, and with accurate billing, your data analysis will also improve.

  • Increase Profit

Using the right billing service will reduce your company’s operation cost thereby helping you to maximize profits in other possible means. At 24/7 Medical Billing Services, we have the best solution for your payments while reducing the stress of having that done by your stress and maximizing their potential in other areas.

  • Adequate Focus On Healthcare

Employing us to deal with your behavioral health billing services will help you to focus on the most important thing to you and your clients which is proving the best healthcare services to your patients and clients.

Our Value

We have expertise overseeing and growing the revenue of mental health, physical, and behavioral healthcare practices. Our team emphasizes optimizing your medical billing process as a whole to avoid denials. Medical Billing Outlets concentrate on your administrative duties while enabling you in developing optimal use of your staff for adequate and effective patient care.

You stand to enjoy the following from us at 24/7 Medical Billing Services

  • Accuracy
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  • Experience
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